Lee, Moore & Richmond Counties – Partner presentation on local foods and Farm Tour

SARE PDP Extension & Community Partnerships

Project Plan


  1. Development of a partner guidebook covering the following aspects of local foods: (1) Economic Benefits, (2) Nutrition and Health, (3) Community Building & Resilience, (4) Sandhills Agriculture, our Environment, and History, (5) Individual County sections (Lee, Moore, or Richmond), (6) a powerpoint template that can be particularized for presentations.
  2. A farm tour (Saturday, October 16)

Key Sub Activities

  1. Partner Guidebook
    1. Develop partnerships
    2. Assess the needed components with partners
    3. Develop talking points and powerpoint for adaptable presentations by Local Food Speakers Bureau (“group designed training”)
    4. Youth component
    5. Develop resource list (growing own, accessing, and consuming local and seasonal foods)
    6. Create Local Food Notebook with tabbed information sections for Speakers
    7. Digital version accessible on web?
  2. Farm Tour
    1. Identify participating farms
    2. Organize day and volunteers
    3. Market
    4. Event October 16th


  • Increased partnerships and collaboration between orgs/farmers, etc
  • Increased consumer outreach and education on local and seasonal foods
  • Increased capacity to educate/advocate on local and seasonal foods
  • Increased youth engagement

Evidence of Activities, their Quality & Outcomes

  • Number of different partners
  • Number of guidebooks distributed
  • Number of Trained speakers
  • Number of trained youth
  • Number of “pilot” presentations
  • Number of participating farms
  • Number of volunteers
  • Number of attendees