Greene County – Farmers’ Market

SARE PDP Extension & Community Partnerships

Project Plan

Goals: Farmers’ Market Development

Key Sub Activities

Farmers Market Development

  1. Recruit Greene County Farmers’ Market Advisory Board and partnerships
  2. Development of operating documents
  3. Vendor Recruitment and marketing

Economic impact assessment (June-July 2011)


  • Develop participation of and support from vendors, businesses and artisans with locally made and grown products
  • Strategic marketing plans to attract customers and promote sales ability of vendors.
  • GC Farmer’s Market Face
  • Book ( 110 active users)

Evidence of Activities, their Quality & Outcomes

  • Number of farmers/ non-farmers participating in market organization
  • Percentage  of farmers/ non-farm vendors satisfaction surveys
  • Number of farmers/non-farm vendors selling at market
  • Number consumers  and repeat consumers on Saturdays
  • Monetary impact:  6 Saturday’s  (June 4, July 9, 2011)  16 vendors
    • Greene market space sales @ $5.00=$480.00
    • with multiplier- $ 18,000
    • tax revenue- $ 54,000
  • Results from the vendor satisfaction survey showed that
    90% of the vendors were satisfied with their assigned spaces,
  • manager communications, sales, customer base and location of temporary market.