Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians – Farmers’ Market

SARE PDP Extension & Community Partnerships

Project Plan


  1. Increase vendor participation
  2. Increase income for growers
  3. Fresh produce for community

Key Sub Activities

  1. Local Food Survey on consumer demand (Jan. 2011 completed)
  2. Contacting all potential vendors (ongoing)
  3. Meetings with organizations to create infrastructure (ongoing) (e.g. Travel / Tourism)
  4. Marketing to consumer (end of May/mid-June)
    1. Promotion (e.g. bag with logo)
    2. Billboard
  5. Meetings with community health/nutrition orgs (monthly)
  6. Demonstrations on healthy food preparation (July-September)
  7. Youth farm stand project
  8. Ongoing dialog on rules and regulations (?)


  • Support local economy
    • $ stay in community
    • Customers will shop at other businesses as well
  • Increase choices for consumers
  • Increase career options
  • Outlet to use excess / surplus produce
  • Healthier community
    • Improved diet of diabetic community
    • Access to healthy food options.
  • Youth participation

Evidence of Activities, their Quality & Outcomes

  • Increased # of growers/vendors
  • Increased # of customers to market
  • Partnerships with health clinic (Cherokee Choices)
  • # of diabetic patients attending farmers market (through survey with Cherokee Choices)
  • Increased income to farmers
  • Vendor satisfaction
  • Visitor satisfaction
  • Waiting list of vendors to get in
  • Increased youth involved
  • Increased acreage in farming (perhaps before and after survey of acres of growers in production)
  • Increased access to fruits and vegetables
  • Increased organizations engaged in partnerships/ collaborations