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Local Foods Action Plan Listserv

The Local Foods Action Plan Listserv emerged from the CEFS Local Foods Summit in 2009 and is a statewide listserv to facilitate a local food economy and promote all aspects of local foods. Our 2,000+ subscribers include producers, farmers markets, community gardens, educators and university administrators, students, state agency representatives, health professionals and advocates, environmental groups, and many concerned citizens interested in local foods in North Carolina.  Daily digest version is available and recommended.

Everyone is encouraged to post on any topic dealing with the cultivation of local food, farms and communities. Any opinions presented in emails sent on this listserv are solely those of the author/s and do not represent the opinions of CEFS, its affiliates, or its partner institutions.

To subscribe, please email Mia Murphy at

NC Farmers’ Market Listserv

The goal of the NC Farmers’ Market listserv is to facilitate communication among farmers, farmers’ market managers, support personnel and institutions, governmental and NGO staff and others interested in furthering farmers’ markets in the state of North Carolina.

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Wayne Food Initiative

The Wayne Food Initiative (WFI) listserv is a low-volume listserv that sends out announcements about WFI meetings, garden workdays, and food- and agriculture-related events and opportunities in Wayne County and the surrounding regions.

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North Carolina Organic Commodities Project listserv

Sign up to receive event announcements and pertinent updates on North Carolina’s organic commodity crops.

To subscribe, visit the Organic Commodities Project website, or email David Suchoff at

NC Food Policy Council Listserv

This statewide listserv, maintained by Community Food Strategies, is used to share information on farm and food policy and food councils in and around North Carolina and serves as a forum for educational, funding, and networking opportunities related to food councils.

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NC Choices News

Join the moderated NC Choices News listserv to find out about educational and marketing opportunities for farmers raising pasture-based animals, especially those that involve local marketing of meats to consumers and wholesale buyers.

To sign up, please send an email with “Please add me to the NC Choices list” in the subject line to Mia Murphy at

NC Choices Livestock and Meat Classifieds

NC Choices has established this listserv to serve commercial producers/farmers, meat processors, food-service, distributors and buyers directly involved in the local meat industry in and around North Carolina. Private individuals and commercial interests may use this service. This is an “industry only” list and is not intended for use by consumers looking to purchase finished, consumable meat products. Please do not use this list as a marketing tool to advertise consumable meat/food products. Commercial meat processors MAY use this list to advertise processing services.

To subscribe, please send a request to Mia Murphy at with the subject line “subscribe classifieds”.

NC Farm to School Coalition

The North Carolina Farm to School Coalition seeks to expand and strengthen Farm to School initiatives across the state through network development, promotion, and education. The NC Farm to School Coalition Listserv is a statewide listserv to facilitate shared ideas and resources on any topic related to Farm to School. The listserv is open to the public, run through NC State University, and moderated by the Center for Environmental Farming Systems.

To subscribe, please email Mia Murphy at with the subject line “subscribe NC Farm to School Coalition”.

Empowering Mountain Food Systems

This list provides information about events, resources, and food & farm business development in Southwestern North Carolina.

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