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NC Choices, an initiative of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems in collaboration with NC Cooperative Extension, promotes sustainable food systems through the advancement of the local, niche, and pasture-based meat supply chain in North Carolina. NC Choices provides information, technical assistance, educational programming, and networking opportunities for farmers, extension agents, meat processors, buyers, distributors, and consumers.

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Tools & Resources

Ready to Improve Your Local Meat Business?

I’m a beginning farmer looking for affordable, non-traditional land leasing through NC Choices’ Beginning Farmer Project, which works with solar companies, land trusts, and private silvopasture lands to match beginning farmers with silvopasture opportunities. NC Choices Beginning Farmer Project
NC Farmlink helps beginning and established farmers access land listed by private landowners. NC Farmlink: Find a Farm
NC Farmlink also provides a listing service for farmers who have land. NC Farmlink: Find a Farmer
I’d like to see template leases and budgets for different types of lease arrangements, such as private-to-farmer, solar installations, land trust contracts, and more. Resources and FAQ’s
I’m looking for information about solar grazing. Solar grazing Info
I’m looking for information on leasing land from land trusts or conservation agencies. Land Trust Info
I’m looking for information about silvopasture leasing. Silvopasture Info
I’m looking for information on how to negotiate leases and budgets with landowners. Negotiating Farm Leases and Budgets
I’m looking for best practices on how to manage my lease either as a farmer or as a landowner. Farmland Leasing Best Practices
NC Choices provides a number of production resources to help you process, package, sell and deliver your products. All Production Resources
I’d like to see resources specifically for meat processing. Meat Processing Resources
I’d like to find a red meat processor in North Carolina. Red Meat Processors Map
I’d like to see resources specifically for poultry processing in North Carolina. Poultry Processing Resources
I’d like assistance with regulatory information about meat processing and production. Regulatory Assistance
I’d like to know about bulk meat sales and how to freeze, pack, and ship online meat orders. Online Bulk Sales
I’d like to sell more meat in bulk Meatsuite in North Carolina
I’d like assistance on how to price my meat products using the Pricing Calculator Meat Price & Yield Calculator
I’d like to see all of NC Choices’ marketing and bulk sales resources. NC Choices Marketing & Product Resources
I’d like to see all of CEFS’ available COVID-19 resources. CEFS Covid-19 Resources