Finding a Red Meat Processor

State and Federal Processors: NC Choices developed a NC Processors That Slaughter, Process, & Vacuum Package For Farmers chart. This sheet is adapted from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Meat and Poultry Inspection Division’s Plants that Slaughter and/or Process Meats for Farmers Sheet. This sheet ONLY includes plants that offer slaughter, cut and wrap, custom labels AND vacuum seal packaging.  If you are a processor who has added/amended services you’d like to add to this sheet, please contact

Custom-exempt Processors: If you are located near a custom-exempt slaughter facility and are experiencing processing delays with a state or federal processor, you might consider having your customers purchase a live animal from your farm.  The customer can get that animal slaughtered at a custom-exempt facility for home use.  Custom-exempt plants do not allow sales of meat, so the customer (not the farmer) must own the animal and arrange slaughter and pick-up with the plant operator.   A list of local custom-exempt processing facilities can be found on the NCDA Meat and Poultry Inspection webpage here.

Note of Disclaimer: All efforts were made to provide accurate and precise information pertaining to the laws and regulations surrounding the sale and processing of poultry and of red meats in NC. Due to the changing nature of the regulatory system, it is important to verify the accuracy of these statements with the responsible regulatory agency, NC Department of Agriculture Meat and Poultry Inspection Division.