Organic Grains Program

North Carolina State University began a program in 2004 concentrating on organic grain production in North Carolina. This program has focused on equipping farmers in North Carolina with the skills and agronomic support needed to produce and market organic grain crops. The goal of this program is to motivate individuals, through extension educational activities, to adopt and maintain organic crop rotations and to pursue markets for these farm products.

organic-grains-program2CEFS supports the Organic Grain Program by providing a base for organic grain production research as well as extension and educational programs and events.

Many North Carolina farmers have expressed interest in opportunities for organic grain production. Through this program, extension education workshops and farm tours for farmers and their advisors are addressing production issues unique to organic management. Research on overcoming the challenges of organic grain production, such as weed management and fertility, is an important part of the program.

For more information, please visit the Organic Grains Program website.