CEFS Graduate Fellows Program at NC State University

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Program Summary

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The Center for Environmental Farming Systems NC State University Graduate Fellows Program was developed to provide financial support and recognition for the future leaders, researchers and contributors in sustainable agriculture and local food systems while they pursue academic research to further the field of study.

CEFS is one of the nation’s most important centers for research, extension, and education in sustainable agriculture and community-based food systems. It is recognized as a national and international leader in the local foods movement, and is celebrated for its work in building consensus around policies, programs and actions that facilitate a vibrant local food economy.

Stipend and Fellowship Tenure

  1. A Master’s Student will be eligible for a one (1) year, $5,000 stipend to be used at the student’s discretion.
  2. A Doctoral student will be eligible for a two (2) year, $5,000/year (total of $10,000) stipend to be used at the student’s discretion.

Fellowship Requirements

If selected as a CEFS Graduate Fellow you will be expected to complete the following activities or forfeit your stipend. Items with an asterisk (*) are not required for Master’s level students:

  1. Present your work/poster at one (1) regularly scheduled meeting of the CEFS Board of Advisors. (The CEFS Board of Advisors generally meets 3 times a year). Students are also encouraged to present their posters at the NC State Graduate Student Research Symposium.
  2. Present your research poster at one regularly scheduled All-CEFS Meeting (these meetings are generally held in February and September each year and are a convening of all of the CEFS affiliated faculty/staff performing the work – academic, research, extension – of CEFS).

Your advisor of record will need to attend and introduce you at the All-CEFS meeting. (Please make sure to notify your adviser of this requirement and to have them complete the Academic Advisor Certification Form)

  1. Coordinate/participate in one education or Extension Experience (can be combined with Grad program requirement).
  2. Participate in one (1) educational program or event with CEFS Interns and/or Apprentices.
  3. In working together with the cohort of CEFS Graduate Fellows, organize and coordinate a recruitment event/mixer for new/future CEFS Graduate Fellows.
  4. *Participate in one trip, coordinated by CEFS, to Washington D.C. The intent is to expose and immerse the fellows to Sustainable Agriculture at the policy/ Federal level (Such as: Tour of NIFA, Meet with FFAR, SARE, Union of Concerned Scientist, Attend lobbying event, etc.).
  5. *Write one (1) op-ed or popular print article pertaining to your research on sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Evaluation & Selection

  1. All applications will undergo a preliminary review by a team of CEFS faculty/staff to ensure:
    1. that each element of the application was submitted as required and consistent with application instructions; and
    2. that the essay demonstrates relevance to sustainable agriculture and local and regional food systems. Applications that do not meet the required criteria will not be forwarded to the Selection Committee for consideration.
  2. The Selection Committee shall be comprised of members of the CEFS Board of Advisors.
  3. Selection of Fellows will be made by the Selection Committee in June and candidates will be notified in July; additionally Fellows will be announced at the September CEFS Board of Advisors meeting.
  4. A maximum of six (6) Fellows will be selected preceding each academic year (Fall-Spring).