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Durham Farmers Market for LFE

Local Food Economies

Local Food Economies (LFE) is an initiative of CEFS’ NC Growing Together (NCGT) project.  NCGT is a five-year, USDA-funded project that aims to bring more locally-produced foods into mainstream markets, strengthening the economics of small to mid-sized farm and fishing operations and their communities.  In addition to research, academic, and extension components, NCGT also aims to create an enabling environment for farms and food businesses.

In order to build a supportive business climate in which small and mid-size farmers, producers, and processors can thrive, The Local Food Economies initiative provides resources, tools, and information to non-agricultural agencies across the state that are working to build economically viable local food systems.  LFE supports the work of local government and economic development agencies as they seek to expand the capacity and potential of businesses within the local food value chain.

*Please note that LFE launched in August 2016. Some sections of the website will reflect materials that are still in development. If you have questions about a particular resource that cannot be found online, please feel free to contact our program staff!



NCGT is supporting some of the leading governmental and development-focused agencies in North Carolina, including:
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This project is supported by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative competitive grant no. 2013-68004-20363 of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.