NC Local Food Supply Chain Infrastructure Map

NC Growing Together,  in collaboration with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service’s Local Food Flagship Program, has created a mapped inventory of businesses that serve as intermediary steps in local food supply chains. This includes value-added processors (for example, meat and seafood processors, cheese manufacturers, specialty jams and pickling operations), fresh produce wholesaler/distributors, multi-farm CSA’s, food hubs, community kitchens, incubator farms, and cold storage locations.

The inventory does not include information on end retailers (e.g., restaurants, groceries, etc. selling local foods to consumers).The NC Local Food Infrastructure Inventory is supported by NC Growing Together, a CEFS-led project funded by USDA (National Institute of Food and Agriculture, grant #2013-68004-20363) to scale-up local food supply chains, and by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Foundation as part of a statewide food system assessment and action planning process.

We encourage you to utilize the data and use the forms provided for adding locations and providing feedback! We want to identify both currently-operating businesses and underutilized infrastructure that could be repurposed for use in local food supply chains. We would love your help in verifying this information for all counties across North Carolina.

Link to Map: https://www.cefs.ncsu.edu/statewide-infrastructure-map.html