Student Research

StudentProgramResearch TitleAdvisorYear
Kennedy, Paige- M.SAnimal Science Comparing the Effectiveness of Establishment Between Feeding and Frost Seeding Red Clover in Tall Fescue Pasture.Matt Poore2016
Caldwell, Nathan - Ph.D.EntomologyInvestigating Biopesticides for Red Imported Fire Ant Management: Efficacy and Behavioral Modifications Associated with Entomopathogens, and a Synergistic Repellent Effect Against Red Imported Fire Ants (Solenopsis invicta Buren).Wes Watson2015
Marticorena, Drew- Ph.D.Horticultural ScienceStatistical Analyses of Diverse Issues in Sustainable AgricultureNancy Creamer2015
Glennon, Heather- Ph.D.Crop ScienceEffects of Adding Clovers to Tall Fescue Pastures on the Nitrogen Status of Animals, Forages and SoilsJean Marie Luginbuhl, Jamer Mueller, Michelle Schroeder-Moreno2015
Atwell, Rachel- M.S.Crop ScienceAlternative Mechanisms for Weed Control and Fertility Management in Organic Canola and Corn Production.Chris Reberg-Horton, Shuijin Hu2015
McWhirt, Amanda- Ph.D.Crop ScienceThe Use of Sustainable Soil Management Practices in Fumigated and Non-fumigated Plasticulture Strawberry Production in the Southeastern United States.Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Yasmin Cardoza2015
Shaeffer, April- M. S.Agriculture and Extension EducationEducational Needs and Barriers of North Carolina Women Cattle Producers.Matt Poore2015
Gorski, Stephanie L- Ph.DEntomology Multipartite Interactions among Western Corn Rootworms, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), Transgenic Corn, Zea mays L. (Poales: Poaceae), and Soil MicrobesYasmin Cardoza2015
Parr, Mary - Ph.D.Soil SciencePromiscuous Soybean: Impacts on Rhizobia Diversity and Smallholder Malawian Agriculture.Julie Grossman2014
Glosson, Kristen- M. S.Animal ScienceSupplementing Pasteurized Milk Balancer Products to Pasteurized Whole Milk on the Health and Growth of Dairy Calves.Matt Poore2014
Vance, Laura- Ph.D.Crop ScienceMaking Connections: Agriculture, Human Nutrition, and the Environment.Michelle Schroeder-Moreno2014
Seehaver, Sarah- M.S.Soil ScienceEffect of Inoculation on Cover Crop Legume Nodule Occupation and Associated Rhizobia Diversity.Julie Grossman, Frank Louws2014
Driscoll, Adam Ph.D.SociologyA Cross-National Analysis of Agricultural Dependency and its Impacts on Environmental Degradation.Michael Schulmann2014
Yada, Benard/strong> - PhD.Horticultural ScienceGenetic Analysis of Agronomic Traits and Resistance to Sweetpotato Weevil and Sweet Potato Virus Disease in a Bi-parental Sweetpotato Population.Yasmin Cardoza2014
O'Connell, Suzanne - Ph.D.HorticulturalShort-term Nitrogen Mineralization and Soil Microbial Response to the Incorporation of Warm-season Cover Crops in Organic Farming Systems.Nancy Creamer2013
Knight Alexandra- M.SCrop ScienceImpact of Nitrogen Source, Rate, and Weed Removal Time on Nitrogen Availability to Corn.Wesley Everman2013
Jones, Zachary-M.S.Crop ScienceScreening of Maize Exotic Germplasm for Dominant Gametophyte Factors and Resistance to the Male-Only Variant of Gametophyte Factor 1 (Ga1-m).Chris Reberg-Horton2013
Owle, Joseph- M.S.Crop ScienceMichelle Schroeder2013
Jani, Arun- M.S.Soil ScienceWinter Annual Legume Cover Crop Root Decomposition as a Function of Spring Termination Approach and Root Morphology.Julie Grossman, Shuijin Hu2013
Wymore, Teisha Lianne- M.S.Natural ResourcesUse of Goats for Vegetation Control in Young, Pine Plantations.Jean-Marie Luginbuhl2013
Fox, Aaron- Ph,DCrops ScienceConservation Buffers and Ecological Weed Management in Southeast Organic Cropping Systems: Weed Seedbanks and Weed Seed Predators.Chris Reberg-Horton, David Orr2013
Wells, Scott- Ph.D.Plant PathologyA Mechanistic Approach to Weed Management in a Cover Crop Mulched System.Chris Reberg-Horton, Shuijin Hu2013
Worthington, Margaret Leigh- Ph.D.Crop ScienceBreeding Winter Wheat for Improved Powdery Mildew Resistance and Weed Suppressive Ability against Italian Ryegrass.Chris Reberg-Horton, David Orr2013
Mullen, Keena Ann Elizabeth- Ph.D.Animal Science and Poultry ScienceEfficacy of Herbal Oils in Various Preparations for Treating Mastitis in Dairy Cattle.Steven Washburn2013
Simmons, Kristina- M.SSteven Washburn2013
Joseph, Elizabeth- M.SExtension EducationCurrent Production Practices, Factors Leading to Adoption of Production Practices and Technologies, and Preferences for Receiving Information of Beef Cattle Producers of the Three Regions of North Carolina.Matt Poore2013
Piontak, Joy- Ph.D.SociologyChildhood Obesity and Place: Poverty, Race, and Food Access.Michael Schulmann2013
Ratasky, Joshep- M.S.Crop ScienceExamining the Development and Management of Student Farms Nationwide: A Delphi Study and a Model for Student Farm Design.Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Julie Grossmas, David Orr2012
Beck, John- M.S.Crop ScienceIntegrating Compost, Cover Crops, Mycorrhizal Fungi, and Vermicompost as Sustainable Management Practices for Strawberry Production in the Southeastern United States.Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Julie Grossman, Nancy Creamer2012
Brown, Matthew- M.S.Soil ScienceJulie Grossman, Chris Reberg-Horton2012
Larsen, Erika M.- M.S.Soil ScienceEvaluating Soil Carbon Pools and Losses in Long-term Organic and Conventional Farming Systems.Julie Grossman, Shuijin Hu2012
Balz, Eileen Marie - M.SAnimal ScienceThe establishment of alfalfa-grass mixtures under organic and conventional managementSteve Washburn2011
Mothapo, Nape - M.S.Soil ScienceNodulation and Rhizobia Diversity Associated with Distinct Hairy Vetch GenotypesJulie Grossman2011
Renner, Bart Michael - M.S.Crop ScienceThe Effect of Stocking Rate History on Soil Nutrient Levels and Forage Nutrient Uptake in Pasture Hog Production SystemsJean-Marie Luginbuhl, Silvana Pietrosemoli2011
Plush, Charles- M.S.Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation BiologyWildlife Use of Field Borders Planted as Beneficial Insect Habitat.David Orr, Chris Reberg-Horton2011
Crawford, Chelsi- M.SNatural ResourcesOrganic Grower Communication Networks: Informational Inputs for Organic Farming Systems in North Carolina.Julie Grossman2011
Bordeaux, Chris - M.S.Soil ScienceOptimizing nutrient management within integrated outdoor swine production systemsJulie Grossman, Matthew Poore2010
Parr, Mary - M.S.Soil ScienceImproving nitrogen fixation and delivery in cover crop cultivars for use in organic no-till farming systemsJulie Grossman, Chris Reberg-Horton2010
Rivard, Cary - Ph.D.Plant PathologyGrafting for Open-field and High Tunnel Tomato Production.Frank Louws2010
Smith, Adam - M.S.Crop ScienceUtilizing rolled rye mulch for weed suppression in organic no-tillage soybeansChris Reberg-Horton, Paul Mueller2010
Little, Amos- M.S.EntomologyVermicompost-Mediated Host Plant Resistance to Insects.Yasmin Cardoza, David Orr2010
Doskocil, Joseph- Ph.DEntomologyThe Biology and Ecology of Hunting Billbug in North Carolina Turfgrass.Yasmin Cardoza2010
Drake, Wendy Leigh- M.S.Crop ScienceInfluence of Tillage and Cropping System on Soil Quality and Crop Yield in North CarolinaYasmin Cardoza, Michelle Schroeder-Moreno2010
West, Eric- Ph.DCrop Science Effects Of Both Above And Below Ground Biomass On Soil Chemical, Physical And Biological Properties On A Coastal Plain Soil In North CarolinaNancy Creamer, Chris Reberg-Horton2010
Scruggs, Jessica- M.S.Animal Science Performance of Growing Beef Heifers Grazing Stockpiled Tall Fescue and being Fed Differing Amounts of Corn Gluten Feed and SoyhullsMatt Poore2010
Place, George - Ph.D.Crop ScienceApplying Crop and Weed Competitive Dynamics For Weed Management in Soybean and PeanutChris Reberg-Horton, Nancy Creamer2009
O'Connell, Suzanne - M.S.Horticultural ScienceGrafted tomato performance in organic production systems: Nutrient uptake, plant growth and yieldMary M. Peet, Frank J. Louws, and Thomas Rufty2008
Vollmer, Emily - M.S.Horticultural ScienceCover Crop Mulches for No-till Organically Managed Onion Production.Nancy Creamer2008
Gruver, Joel Brooks - Ph.D.Soil ScienceImpact of management and texture on soil organic matter fractionsMichael Wagger, Shuijin Hu, Dean Hesterberg, Wei Shi2007
Williams, Christina Michelle - M.S.Animal ScienceEffects of crossbreeding on puberty, postpartum cyclicity,and fertility in pasture-based dairy cattleSteve Washburn2007
Kuminoff, Nick - Ph.DAgriculture and Resource EconomicsRecovering Preferences for Public Goods from a Dual-Market Locational EquilibriumAda Wossink2007
Bateman, Melanie - Ph.D.EntomologyImpact of plant suitability, biogeography, and ecological factors on associations between the specialist herbivore Heliothis subflexa G. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and the species in its host genus, Physalis L. (Solanaceae), in West-Central MexicoFred Gould2006
Ferguson, Mary Helen - M.S.Horticultural ScienceEvaluation of three commercially-available composts for use in strawberry production on plasticGina E. Fernandez, Carl R. Crozier, Frank J. Louws2006
Kroner, Mary - M.S.Crop ScienceProduction methods for managed beneficial iInsect habitatMike Linker, David Orr2006
Moyer, Kari - Ph.D.Crop SciencePlant responses to stress in acid environments: An assessment of the role of mycorrhizal fungiTom Rufty2006
Nio, Elina Lastro - M.S.EntomologyDung Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Geotrupidae) in NC Pasture EcosystemsWes Watson2006
Sermons, Shannon - M.S.Crop ScienceWeed ecological interactions with environment: An investigation of temperature response of Commelina benghalensis and a method for description of seed shapeTom Rufty2006
Witting, Brooke - M.S.EntomologyEvaluation of floral habitat as a food source for natural enemies of insect pests in North CarolinaDavid Orr, Mike Linker2006
Bertone, Matt - M.S.EntomologyDung Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae and Geotrupidae) of North Carolina Cattle Pastures and Their Implications for Pasture ImprovementWes Watson2005
Finney, Denise McKinney - M.S.Horticultural ScienceEvaluation of sorghum sudangrass as a summer cover crop and marketable hay crop for organic, no-till production of fall cabbageNancy Creamer, Michael Wagger2005
Forehand, Lisa - M.S.EntomologyEvaluation of commercial beneficial insect habitat seed mixtures for organic insect pest managementDavid Orr, Mike Linker2005
Jackson, Lisa - M.S.EntomologyBeneficial and pest insect populations in conventional and organic cotton, and organic cotton with habitatDavid Orr, Mike Linker2005
Stout, Robyn - M.S.Crop ScienceDistribution of tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) in relation to wild weedy hosts and susceptible crops over a large agricultural landscapeMike Burton, Mike Linker2005
Thompson, Bianca Merrick - M.S.Animal ScienceEffects of milk feeding period and anthelmintic treatment on fecal egg counts and growth in pastured dairy steersSteve Washburn2005
Titchner, Leslie - M.S.Horticultural ScienceWeed seedbank changes in response to transitioning from conventional to organic farming systems: Post-transition analysisNancy Creamer2005
Treadwell, Danielle - Ph.D.Horticultural ScienceTillage and cover crop management influence weeds, insects, soil and crop nutrients, crop development and yield in organically managed North Carolina sweetpotato Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. systemsNancy Creamer2005
Butler, David - M.S.Crop ScienceRunoff, sediment, and nutrient export from manured riparian pasture as affected by simulated rain and ground coverNoah Ranells2004
Glover, L.H. - M.S.Temporal changes in aggregate stability and biological indexes in five diverse agricultural systemsCharles Raczkowski - NCA&T SU2004
Greenwood, C. Marie - Ph.D.EntomologyInteractions between soil invertebrates and entomopathogenic nematodes in no-till and conventional-till corn in North CarolinaMary Barbercheck2004
Hamilton, Molly - M.S.Crop ScienceEvaluation of edamame soybeansMike Linker2004
Jelinek, Susan - M.S.Crop ScienceThe association of weed species richness and abundance with field margin type in crop fieldsPaul Mueller, Nancy Creamer, Mike Burton2004
McClintock, Nathan - M.S.Crop ScienceProduction and use of compost and vermicompost in sustainable farming systemsNoah Ranells, Nancy Creamer2004
Tungate, Kimberly - Ph.D.Crop ScienceEnvironmental factors influencing weed interference in agricultural systemsTom Rufty2004
Wafer, Carrie - M.S.Soil ScienceEffect of shrub buffers, tillage and cropping systems on shallow groundwater nitrate-N in eastern North CarolinaDeanna Osmond, Rich McLaughlin2004
Unruh-Snyder, L.J. - Ph.D.Crop ScienceEvaluation of Robinia pseudoacacia L. as browse for meat goat production in the southeastern USAJ. Paul Mueller, J-M. Luginbuhl2003
Atkinson, Adrian - M.S.Agriculture and Resource EconomicsEconomic analysis of farming systems at CEFSMichele Marra2002
Bell, Melissa - M.S.Soil ScienceA multidisciplinary approach to assessing changes in the soil quality of diverse farming systemsMike Wagger2002
Collins, Alyssa - M.S.Plant PathologyCharacterization of bacterial communities in soil during transition to organic agricultureFrank Louws2002
Reberg-Horton, Chris - Ph.D.Horticultural ScienceOptimizing allelopathy and nitrogen scavenging in rye cover cropsNancy Creamer, David Monks2002
Seem, Jessica - M.S.Horticultural ScienceCritical weed-free period for 'Beauregard' sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) and weed seedbank changes in response to transitioning from conventional to organic farming systemsNancy Creamer2002
Millar, Leah - M.S.EntomologyInteraction between endemic and introduced entomopathogenic nematodes in conventional-till and no-till cornMary Barbercheck2001
Treadwell, Danielle - Ph.D.Horticultural ScienceTillage and Cover Crop Management Influence Weeds, Insects, Soil and Crop Nutrients, Crop Development and Yield in Organically Managed North Carolina Sweetpotato Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. Systems.Nancy Creamer2001
Garland, Ben - M.S.Crop ScienceSelecting cover crops for diverse functions: An integrated soil and pest management approach for strawberry production in North CarolinaMichelle Schroeder-Moreno, Gina Fernandez
Cruz, Angel- M.S.Crop ScienceDoes Diversity Matter? Examining Agroecosystem Impacts on Beneficial Soil Microorganism Diversity.Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Julie Grossman, Shuijin Hu
Luginbuhl, Sarah- Ph.D.Soil ScienceJulie Grossman