Production Assistance

  • How can I improve my production and utilize best management practices on my farm?
    • Contact your local county livestock extension agent. 
      • To locate your local county office, click here
      • To find livestock production publications online, click here
  • I’m interested in raising meat animals but don’t know where to start?
  • Where can I find packaged information on the basics of pasture production per species?
  • What are the rules about bringing live animals in and out of the state?
    • Regulation of the movement of live animals in and out of the state is controlled by the Office of the State Veterinarian.  Below are general rules & expectations:
      • The animal must have a valid health certificate and must have been inspected by a permitted vet
      • The animal must not be infected and has come into contact with animals carrying a communicable disease.
      • Need to contact your NC Veterinarian? Call 919.707.3250
  • If I am taking my animals across state lines to a processor, do I need to get a certificate of veterinary inspection?
    • No, not for the purpose of immediate slaughter. 

Note of Disclaimer: All efforts were made to provide accurate and precise information pertaining to the laws and regulations surrounding the sale and processing of poultry and of red meats in NC. Due to the changing nature of the regulatory system, it is important to verify the accuracy of these statements with the responsible regulatory agency, NC Department of Agriculture Meat and Poultry Inspection Division.