Forsyth County – Increasing Awareness of Community Garden/Farm

SARE PDP Extension & Community Partnerships

Project Plan


  1. Improve marketing side of The Children’s Home farm operation and Food Bank garden.
  2. Education of students in the home including self-esteem building efforts.

Key Sub Activities

  1. Conduct:
    • Planning meetings
    • Discover Agriculture Day Tour
    • Meetings
    • Workshops
  2. Develop:
    • Brochure
    • Information Signs
    • Information Poster
    • Curriculum
  3. Train:
    • Volunteers and Leaders
  4. Partner:
    • Alternative School
    • Food Bank Garden
    • Children’s Home Garden
  5. Provide:
    • Educational Instruction (youth & adults)
    • Materials
  6. Media:
    • Arrange visits to sites



  • Increased knowledge of plants
  • Understanding garden management plan
  • Increased outreach about community gardens


  • Increased growing capacity
  • Improving growing efficiency


  • Building consensus within groups
  • Expanded food pallet with consumers


  • Increase knowledge of volunteers, students & consumers
  • Increase/improve decision making skills of participants in gardens


  • Increase data collection of gardens
  • Increase record keeping
  • Increase volunteer and staff involvement

Evidence of Activities, their Quality & Outcomes

  • Pre- and post-survey of plant knowledge
  • Number outreach events about community gardens
  • Number lbs. produced (tracked across year)
  • Pre- and post-survey of vegetables grown and eaten
  • Number volunteers involved
  • Number staff involved
  • Number youth engaged (pre and post project)
  • Acreage in production (pre and post)
  • $ to farmers (pre and post)
  • Number families receiving produce through the Food Bank garden
  • Number partners involved