Cleveland County

Building Community Awareness and Involvement in the Local Food System

SARE PDP Extension & Community Partnerships

Project Plan


  1. Create a monthly forum that facilitates networking and partnerships among relevant community stakeholders in support of local foods issues.
  2. Increased stakeholder engagement in market promotion and consumer education relative to local & seasonal foods.
  3. At least fifty (50) market patrons, community leaders, restaurant owners, chefs, media representatives, and travel writers will participate in Foothills Farm to Table Progressive Dinner Tour (September 10).

Key Sub Activities

  1. “Meet Up to Eat Up” Monthly Focus Group
  2. Identify coordinator & hosts.
  3. Develop & grow invitation list.
  4. Establish schedule & discussion topics.
  5. Engage focus group participants in relevant local foods projects & activities (including planning, implementation & evaluation).

Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Leverage planning & financial support for the Foothills Farmers’ Market Shade Pavilion project from local governments, private foundations, agencies, organizations, and the broader community.
  2. Create local foods brochure, PowerPoint presentation and speakers’ bureau for civic clubs and other interest groups.
  3. Implement weekly electronic newsletter for local foods enthusiasts.

Farm to Table Progressive Dinner

  1. Create and activate organizing committee.
  2. Logistical planning (motorcoach, host farms, food preparation, publicity, etc.).

Feedback & evaluation.


  • Increased communication, networking and collaboration among vendors, customers, organizations, elected officials and others in support of local foods issues & needs.
  • Increased community awareness of and demand for local & seasonal foods.
  • Stakeholders engaged in developing the logistics and securing funds to construct and operate a permanent home for the market’s Uptown Shelby location.
  • Informational resources developed and disseminated to local audiences.
  • Increased capacity for farmers to advocate and inform on local and seasonal foods.
  • Connections established between the agricultural industry and the food services industry in Cleveland County.
  • Increased awareness of, access to, and demand for local & seasonal foods

Evidence of Activities, their Quality & Outcomes

  • Number of focus group meetings held.
  • Number of farms hosting monthly meetings.
  • Variety of topics and issues addressed.
  • Number of projects and activities undertaken.
  • Number of different stakeholders engaged.
  • Number of formal/informal agreements established.
  • Dollars raised.
  • Number of brochures distributed.
  • Number of speakers trained.
  • Number of presentations delivered.
  • Number of newsletters transmitted.
  • Number of committee members
  • Number of constituencies represented on tour.
  • Number of attendees.
  • Amount of funds generated from the event.

Positive feedback from hosts, coordinators, and participants.