Chatham County – School Garden

SARE PDP Extension & Community Partnerships

Project Plan

Goals: Increase engagement, education & access

Key Sub Activities

SAGE gardening and education

  1. Physical garden
  2. Organize regular workdays and volunteers
  3. Partnering with farmers and ag orgs
  4. Farm tour participation
  5. Regular garden classes
  6. Lay foundation for “Cook Smart/Eat Smart,” a culinary program sponsored by the Department of Agriculture


  • Increased youth education and outreach
  • Increased availability of fresh produce
  • Increased farmer/community/youth connection
  • Increase skills in cooking and food handling

Evidence of Activities, their Quality & Outcomes

  • New school garden: 4 raised beds, wheelchair accessible, multiple garden plots and perennial fruit trees/bushes
  • New partners connected to school: partnership with Bountiful Backyards and two local farmers, plus two extension agents and soil and water specialist
  • 65 attendees at farm tour event
  • 3 Saturday workdays, Garden and Kitchen Cleaning:
    • 1st 20 volunteers (10 students),
    • 2nd 30 volunteers counting CCCC class (14 students),
    • 3rd workday 14 volunteers (2 students)
  • 70 families receiving fresh produce occasionally
  • 10+ families receiving fresh produce regularly
  • 15-35 youth participating weekly in garden classes/program for total of more than 250 contact hours
  • 26 youth signed up for Spring 2011 “Cook Smart/Eat Smart” course