Forsyth County/GreenXscapes – Community and Educational Garden

SARE PDP Extension & Community Partnerships

Project Plan

Goals: Provide sustainable food system to low income families.

Key Sub Activities


  • Establish committees (organize structure)
  • Explore donation opportunities
  • Documentation plan (write, record, pictures, web)


  • Purchase materials to construct hoop houses
  • Build boxes on sites/ prepare land (plan to access water)
  • Plant
  • Maintain & harvest

Land Access

  • Land access plan
  • Include volunteers near land to serve in security role
  • Coordinate with Habitat

Marketing / Outreach

  • Develop outreach/ marketing strategy (distribution & education)
  • Get flyers to WIC
  • Get volunteers (screen them)
  • Coordinate class offering with Extension & WIC & Green Xscapes


  • Coordinate w/ WIC on distribution site
  • Distribute food


  • Hoop Houses constructed
  • Raised beds constructed
  • Low income families learn how to cook, how to grow
  • Food is distributed to low income families
  • Benefits of healthy food are taught
  • More people in the community have economic opportunity
  • Marketing for targeted communities
  • Land access acquired

Evidence of Activities, their Quality & Outcomes

  • Number of Hoop Houses Constructed (photos)
  • Number of classes taught
  • Number of volunteers and Number of their hours spent on project
  • Number of new acres in production
  • Number of vouchers redeemed (if WIC an option)
  • Number of pounds / boxes of produce sold
  • Number of hits on website
  • Number / survey of participants
  • Number of people starting own enterprise / garden project
  • Number of partners with an education program
  • Number of families benefiting
  • Number of partners overall
  • Videos and photographs
    • for Spring 2011 “Cook Smart/Eat Smart” course