Eighteen Local Education Agencies Awarded Farm-to-School Rapid Response Funding

Eighteen local education agencies (LEAs) were recently awarded Farm-to-School Rapid Response funding by the Farm to School Coalition of North Carolina. The funding is intended to support urgent needs and long-term capacity building for local food purchasing for school meals and local food educational programming in ways that increase the skills, knowledge, and connection to [...]

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Cherry Research Farm Update

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted operations at Cherry Research Farm in the following ways: The station has been closed to visitors. Research projects have required an approval process through the North Carolina State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and the Station Superintendent. Project leaders and associated staff with approved projects have adapted [...]

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Farm to School Coalition of NC (F2SCNC) Rapid Response

The Farm to School Coalition of NC (F2SCNC) wants to honor the tireless dedication of both School Nutrition staff and Educators to meet the nutritional and educational needs of children during COVID-19 related school closures and acknowledge the financial, logistical, and equity challenges this pandemic has created or magnified. To support schools and School Nutrition [...]

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Virtual Committee on Racial Equity in the Food System Discussions

The CEFS Committee on Racial Equity in the Food System (CORE) hosts "In-Between" discussions (now virtually) every 3rd Thursday from 9:30-11:30am. "In-Betweens" were created as a follow-up to CORE racial equity trainings. Participants in the introductory training asked for ways to continue practicing the shared language developed during the training and deepen our collective [...]

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Cooking at Home? Why Not Make Buying Local Your Priority?

Americans are gravitating to the familiar and the comfortable, as we cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing is more comforting than making family recipes and memories using ingredients sourced from local farms, fisheries and food businesses. Aspiring and experienced cooks at home will find that North Carolina is a leader among states in cultivating [...]

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Telefarming at the Small Farm Unit

The need for social distancing measures has drastically changed operations at the Small Farm Unit, and at CEFS Field Research, Education, and Outreach Facility at Cherry Research Farm. With more than 5,000 transplants in the greenhouse at the Small Farm Unit since February 2020, it became imperative to find solutions to maintain essential operations [...]

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Preschool’s Farm & Food Partnerships Keep Kids Eating Local

NC Farm to Early Care and Education, a Center for Environmental Farming Systems initiative, is proud to work with Sonflower Seeds Christian Pre-School and Learning Center LLC and other early childhood facilities to purchase local food and provide children with experiential learning around local food. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sonflower Seeds, in Silk Hope, North [...]

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Agroecology Farm Goes Solo with Big Impact

Springtime at the NCSU Agroecology Education Farm would normally be busy with student and volunteer activity. We're grateful for Alison Reeves' efforts to keep the farm thriving and providing produce for NC State University campus dining, the Feed the Pack food pantry, and the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. Alison says, "We’re down to just one staff [...]

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Seed Sharing During School Closures

As a response to COVID-19, N.C. Cooperative Extension offices are working with local partners to distribute seed packs and start guides to families with kids at home during school closures. As of mid-May 2020, more than 33 NC counties were participating with over 12,000 families served! Seed sharing has a long tradition in numerous communities [...]

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MeatSuite.com launches early in North Carolina in response to the COVID-19 crisis

NC Choices is proud to introduce MeatSuite.com to North Carolina consumers. MeatSuite.com is a website where you can find local farms selling meat in bulk quantities. You can search by location, species, and farm practices. All farm profiles contain contact information and pricing. On MeatSuite.com you’ll find local farms selling pasture-raised meat in bulk [...]

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