The CEFS Committee on Racial Equity in the Food System (CORE) hosts “In-Between” discussions (now virtually) every 3rd Thursday from 9:30-11:30am.

“In-Betweens” were created as a follow-up to CORE racial equity trainings. Participants in the introductory training asked for ways to continue practicing the shared language developed during the training and deepen our collective analysis. So, CORE started meeting monthly to have a group reading and discussion session, featuring readings, video clips and other “story prompts” that intersect food and race, as a way to create a Community of Practice working towards racial equity.

The purpose of “In-Betweens”  is to provide context and give participants practical examples of how to incorporate racial equity principles and action throughout our organizations and food systems work. An additional purpose of the “In-Betweens” is to create a collective space that allows us to practice utilizing our shared language and raise up examples of equity in action as models of how our efforts may be applied as it relates to our food system. We suggest that participants have completed an introductory level racial equity/anti-racism training prior to joining our session. For questions or to receive updates about the In-Between sessions join our CEFS Racial Equity Listserv, by contacting Shorlette at

Find information about other upcoming racial equity trainings and resources on the CORE webpage.