NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Staff Fight Hurricane Florence Floodwaters at CEFS’ Field Research, Education and Outreach Facility

Hurricane Florence is one of the worst storms to hit North Carolina, ever.  CEFS' Field Research, Education, and Outreach Facility at Cherry Research Farm is located in Goldsboro, one of the hardest-hit areas of the state.  NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Research Station Manager Andy Meier and his crew have gone above and beyond -- as they always do in extreme situations -- to protect and care for livestock on the farm and minimize damage to crops and infrastructure. 

Winter Farm Musings

By Callie Herron, CEFS' Small Farm Unit Winter Apprentice Callie with the Small Farm Unit's weekly harvest. The constant presence of new life and death on farm has had a profound impact on my life. I have felt a baby calf inside its mother, have seen calves enter the world, take their first steps, [...]

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Welcome (back) Byran Green

Busha building new chicken houses at the Small Farm Unit. CEFS is happy to welcome back Bryan "Busha" Green as its Small Farm Manager. The Small Farm Unit is one of eight research units at CEFS' 2000-acre field facility in Goldsboro, NC. Busha was previously CEFS' Small Farm Manager from 2003 to 2007. In [...]

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