Silvopasture Field Day | Goldsboro, NC

July 25 @ 9:00am - 4:45pm | $25 Silvopasture, the intentional practice of integrating forages, animals and trees, is one type of agroforestry with potential to improve ecosystem responses and provide multiple sources of farm income. Are you interested in successfully transitioning or starting a silvopasture system? Join us for a workshop, field day, and [...]

DECEMBER 10, 2018 | Deadline to Apply for 2018 Hurricane & Tropical Storm Disaster Program

Pasture-based livestock producers within eligible counties with damage to standing forage as a result of Hurricane Florence and/or Tropical Storm Michael are eligible for the Hurricane Florence Agricultural Disaster Program of 2018.  Applications are being taken until December 10th for the program.  All crops are covered under the program including forages standing  in hay fields [...]

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CFSA Announces New Hurricane Relief Effort for Small NC & SC Farms

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association is announcing a new hurricane relief effort targeting small farms in North and South Carolina. What is the RESEED Recovery Fund? The RESEED Recovery Fund provides affordable loans to farmers in North Carolina and South Carolina who were affected by Hurricanes Florence and Michael. Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIFund), a non-profit [...]

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Updated NCDA&CS MPID Poultry Exempt Notices

NCDA&CS Meat and Poultry Inspection Division recently released updated versions of both their 1,000 and 20,000 Bird Poultry Exemption Requirements. They can be found here and below. It is helpful to note that information on how Poultry Exempt Operators can conduct further processing at County Inspected facilities (such as shared use kitchens) is also included (this [...]

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BIG NEWS for Local Meat: Off-Site Retail Sales Now Allowed: Change in Regulatory Interpretation

11/7/2018 Earlier this year, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) published a guideline entitled, “FSIS Guideline for Determining Whether a Livestock Slaughter or Processing Firm is Exempt from the Inspection Requirements of the Federal Meat Inspection Act.” In this document, USDA, FSIS updated their definition of “in commerce.”  This new definition makes [...]

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Technical Niche Meat Program Coordinator

CEFS’ NC Choices initiative is seeking a full-time Technical Niche Meat Program Coordinator who excels at building relationships with multiple stakeholders, is comfortable managing and moving a process from concept to implementation, makes key business and market-buyer connections, and can translate technical content into on-the-ground assistance for livestock farmers and allied meat business partners.

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