Classroom Curriculum

Creative Curriculum Resources

These guides explore how teachers can use The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool and The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers, & Twos as a foundation to embed farm to ECE learning opportunities into their existing practices.

Farm to Child Care Curriculum Package – Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy

Activity ideas, lesson planning chards, and other resources for implementing Farm to Childcare at your center. Many of these resources are ready to use, while some are examples that offer opportunities for you to customize to your own context.

Reach for the Stars Curriculum

Aligns Farm to ECE activities with ECERS.

Wake County Farm to Child Care Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to assist child care center and family child care home directors and staff to take the concept of Farm to Child Care and put it into action. Resources included here will help directors, cooks and teachers implement Farm to Child Care.

Food and Ag Resource Guide (Pre K – 3rd grade)

A curated list of Food and Agriculture resources for specific age groups, aligned to the Pillars of Agricultural Literacy.

Nutrition & Cooking with Children

FCCH – Garden-themed Nutrition Education Kit

Education kit designed to help Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) operators provide garden-based nutrition education for children ages 3 through 5 years old in family child care settings. Through the activities children touch, smell, feel, and taste new fruits and vegetables. Planting activities also help children connect the delicious food choices at the table with the farm, orchard, or garden.

ASAP Growing Minds Recipes

Recipes that highlight local, seasonal ingredients and are perfect for making memorable meals and snacks both at home and in the classroom.

Knife Skills 101: Chef Ann Butler Teaches Kids to Properly Use a Knife

YouTube Video from House of Knives about teaching kids to use knives safely.

Cooking Matters Training for Child Care Professionals

This module introduces many hands-on activities to help improve skills in planning and preparing meals for children.

Color Me Healthy

Color Me Healthy teaches four- and five-year-olds about healthy eating and exercise. The Kit includes a Teacher’s guide, picture card sets, posters, a music CD, parent newsletters, and much more.

Grow It, Try It, Like It – USDA Center

A garden-themed nutrition education kit for child care center staff that introduces children to: three fruits – peaches, strawberries, and cantaloupe, and three vegetables – spinach, sweet potatoes, and crookneck squash.

Educational Tools from Cooking Matters

Free educational tools for public use that built on the proven success of Cooking Matters’ signature cooking courses and grocery store tours

Early Sprouts

Early Sprouts is a research-based nutrition curriculum that encourages preschoolers to eat more vegetables by growing, harvesting, and preparing organically grown foods.

Gardening with Children

JuniorMaster Gardener Guides (JMG)

The Junior Master Gardener program engages children in hands-on group and individual learning experiences that promote a love of gardening, develop an appreciation for the environment, and cultivate the mind.

American Heart Association and Whole Kids Foundation’s School Garden Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and additional resources to engage students in a fun and educational exploration of fruits, vegetables and healthy eating.

Kids Gardening

Resources to help teachers, volunteers and parents plan successful youth gardens and implement effective youth garden programs.

Creating Childcare Center Production Gardens

This publication focuses on developing fruit and vegetable production gardens in the Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE) of childcare centers. Included are basic garden design and layout to help childcare centers get started in year-round gardening activities.

Growing and Cooking Fruits and Vegetables at Childcare Centers

Growing Warm-Season Fruits and Vegetables in Childcare Production Gardens

Growing Cool-Season Vegetables in Childcare Production Gardens

These publications summarize the benefits of fruit and vegetable gardening with children. They include age-appropriate activities for childcare providers to engage young children in using fresh produce from a production garden for cooking and eating.

Snacking and Cooking with Warm-Season Produce from Childcare Production Gardens

Snacking and Cooking With Cool-Season Produce From Childcare Production Gardens

These publications include simple recipes that childcare center cooks and educators can use to engage children in snacking and cooking with fresh warm-season and cold-season fruits and vegetables from on-site production gardens and elsewhere.

Composting in Childcare Center Gardens

This publication is a how-to guide for starting a garden-related standard compost bin in a childcare center Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE). Included is guidance on design, construction, and management of compost bins as well as curriculum connections.

Vermicomposting in Childcare Center Gardens

Local Purchasing

Farm to Early Care and Education Local Food Purchasing Guide

This guide provides information that childcare centers and technical assistance providers can use to understand where to find local food, what to expect, and how to decide which local food source is right for different centers.

Michigan State Center for Regional Food Systems

Michigan Farm to School is part of the National Farm to School Network and is a founding partner in the Michigan Junior Chef Competition.

General Resources

NC Cooperative Extension Farm to Childcare

An extensive overview of Farm to Early Childcare resources in North Carolina and across the country.

ASAP Farm to Preschool Toolkit

The toolkit contains Growing Minds Pre-K lesson plans, activity guides, and weekly newsletters.It also includes Reach for the Stars with Farm to Preschool: Aligning Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) with Farm to Preschool, sourcing guidance, and tips for cooking with young children.

Growing Minds Website

Free activity, book, and curriculum ideas for preschools and childcare centers.

Harvest of the Month

Monthly elements, including Educator Newsletters, Family Newsletters, Community Newsletters, and Menu Slicks for produce items Nutrition and agriculture education curriculum.

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