Racial Equity Resources

Food Literacy Toolkit:

The goal of the Food Literacy Toolkit is to increase food literacy and share more racially and ethnically inclusive stories around the culture of food and farming. It is important for young people from all cultures and backgrounds to see themselves reflected in the stories they read and hear. Shifting the food systems narrative includes having a wider array of perspectives and experiences rooted in a shared history and current reality of our food system. We must share and develop more inclusive stories, particularly for young people that reflect the ways and traditions of all races, ethnicities and communities.

  • Racial Equity – report methodology
    • Applying a racial equity lens to anti-hunger policies.  This methodology is offered as a possible pathway for other organizations, policymakers, and implementing agencies to use in developing a racial equity lens for their work, whether inside or outside the nutrition field.
  • Checklist for selecting material
    • Tips for selecting multicultural books to use in classrooms for instruction.
  • Persona Dolls
    • This article will help you understand what a Persona Doll is and the proper use of these dolls in your classroom.
  • They’re not too Young to Talk About Race
    • This chart is a guide to help you understand how to develop positive attitudes towards race and diversity in children beginning at birth.

Suggested Reading Materials:

Racial Equity Learning Bursts