The Small Farm Unit at CEFS’ 2000-acre research facility in Goldsboro, NC is growing a new crop — of apprentices!  Here, we welcome the new apprentices to CEFS and let them introduce themselves.

Mary Claire Curtis:
Mary-Claire-CurtisI am a native Texan, but have lived mostly in central Pennsylvania. My affinity for nature began at an early age with lots of animals & exposure to fresh food.  In 2007 I completed a bachelor’s in Communications from Franciscan University and went on to work at Penn State University before moving to the DC area. During my time with CEFS, I hope to deepen my understanding of sustainable agriculture and the local food movement, in order to share this mission with others in the future through an arts & agriculture center.

Kellyn Montgomery:
Kellyn-MontgomeryI am from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. Wytheville to be exact. I went to Virginia Tech where I got a bachelors and masters degree in geography. I moved to Texas after college and I worked as a planner for three years. All that time, I was just waiting for the right opportunity to pursue my real passion of sustainable agriculture. CEFS presented that opportunity through this apprenticeship, so I quit my job and moved from Austin to Goldsboro. Now I’m well on my way to being a bona-fide farmer!

Visit the CEFS website for more information on the Small Farm Unit Apprenticeship, or check out the Apprentice blog!

From the June 2013 E-Newsletter