Collards-in-the-CafeteriaNestled in the agricultural heart of North Carolina, Gaston County schools are attempting to source 10% of their produce locally. Students love the addition of fresh, local strawberries and watermelons to their menu, but how about collards?

Collards in the Cafeteria follows the journey of this nutrient-rich leafy green from the fields to the county’s Central Kitchen, where they are cooked and processed in a Wonka-like fashion for cafeteria service the following day. Frank Fields, Director of School Nutrition, shares the secret of the final step; getting students to try and, perhaps, even love this classic Southern side dish.

The first in a series of short profiles created by Vittles Films for the NC 10% Campaign, Collards in the Cafeteria was funded by the Golden LEAF Foundation to spotlight the local food heroes who are making farm to fork a reality.

“We want folks to watch these films and be inspired by seeing how others are making ‘farm to fork’ work, and feel motivated to take action whether it be through demanding local foods, connecting growers and buyers, or financially supporting local foods infrastructure,” says Robyn Stout, NC 10% Campaign Statewide Coordinator.

Visit the NC 10% Campaign’s website to watch Collards in the Cafeteria!

From the December 2014 E-Newsletter