Mobile Processing Equipment and Units

Mobile processing units and/or processing equipment are traditionally owned or rented by an approved poultry exempt operator. 

NC Choices maintains a list of mobile processing units as well as MPU equipment for rent below.

Map of MPUs for Rent

Equipment can be rented over state lines IF the other state(s) have poultry exemption laws in place as well (but product must be sold within state). If you have or know of someone who has MPU equipment for rent, please email NC Choices to share contact information.

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Note of Disclaimer: All efforts were made to provide accurate and precise information pertaining to the laws and regulations surrounding the sale and processing of poultry and of red meats in NC. Due to the changing nature of the regulatory system, it is important to verify the accuracy of these statements with the responsible regulatory agency, NC Department of Agriculture Meat and Poultry Inspection Division.