Raleigh, NC:  The Center for Environmental Farming Systems is strengthening its capacity to serve North Carolina livestock producers by expanding its Amazing Grazing and NC Choices teams.

Johnny Rogers will be Amazing Grazing’s new coordinator.  Based at CEFS’ Pasture-Based Beef Unit, Amazing Grazing is a statewide educational initiative that helps producers understand the benefits and management of pasture-based livestock systems through workshops, research, and demonstration projects.  Rogers has a Master of Science degree from NCSU in Animal Science and received his Bachelor degree from the University of Tennessee.  He has worked in industry as a feed company beef specialist and as a farmer, and he currently serves on the National Board of the Red Angus Association of America.  He has production experience with Beef Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pastured Poultry and Outdoor Swine.

“Johnny’s credibility with the audience, his ability to communicate with both producers and scientists, and his wealth of experience and relationships across the industry all point to a bright future for Amazing Grazing,” said Amazing Grazing Program Director Matt Poore.

Asher Wright will be NC Choices’ new coordinator.  NC Choices promotes the advancement of local, niche and pasture-based meat supply chains in North Carolina by facilitating educational and networking opportunities, providing technical assistance, navigating the regulatory environment, and developing market opportunities to enhance access to pasture-based meats.  Wright has a Master of Science degree in Animal Science from Clemson University, where he researched forage finished beef and how different forage types, with or without corn supplementation, impacted animal performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality. After graduating, Asher managed Rock House Farm, a pasture centered livestock farm in Morganton, NC specializing in heritage breed pork, Wagyu beef, and seasonal lamb and poultry.  He now lives in Asheville.

“We are thrilled to have Asher as a team member of NC Choices and as part of the larger CEFS team.  Asher possesses both a passion for sustainable food systems as well as the technical expertise to help advance local meat production in NC.  He is an asset to NC Choices and we are proud to welcome him aboard,” said Sarah Blacklin, NC Choices Program Manager.

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Matt Poore, CEFS Pasture-Based Beef Unit Coordinator and Amazing Grazing Program Director
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