NCGT Releases Postharvest Handling Videos

November/December 2015 -- NCGT has released two videos that illustrate best postharvest handling practices to maintain product quality and extend shelf-life, limiting post-harvest disorders and loss of sales: Best Practices for Temperature and Humidity Management for Fresh Produce Best Practices for Grading and Packing of Fresh Produce NCGT will be sponsoring [...]

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NCGT Support Advancing Fresh Produce Food Safety Work Statewide

Fresh Produce GAPs Workshop. Photo by Diane Ducharme. November/December 2015 -- NC Growing Together is helping to advance fresh produce food safety work statewide.  Working in partnership with North Carolina State University, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, NC Cooperative County Centers, and the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, NCGT has been sponsoring Fresh Produce [...]

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