RALEIGH (December 20, 2010) — Dr. Michelle Schroeder-Moreno and Dr. Chris Reberg-Horton were recently named assistant directors of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS).

Dr. Schroeder-Moreno, Assistant Director of Educational Programs, will oversee and provide leadership for several ongoing and planned educational programs. Interest in NC State University’s agroecology and related programs has grown rapidly. The internship and apprenticeship programs at CEFS continue to complement these educational programs and attract participants from around the world. Dr. Schroeder-Moreno will also direct the development of a new Agroecology Education Farm at the NCSU Lake Wheeler Field Station in Raleigh and continue to grow the NCSU Agroecology curricular programs and NCSU Campus Farmers Market. Her efforts will increase both undergraduate and graduate interest and research in CEFS programs. She will also work on efforts in developing graduate fellowships, broadly focused on sustainable agriculture, that partner graduate students with K-12 schools to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and to inspire new food-system leaders. “I believe integrating research, academics, and outreach and community engagement opportunities in sustainable agriculture for students provides more holistic education, and CEFS is the perfect place for this,” said Dr. Schroeder-Moreno. Dr. Schroeder-Moreno has proven her leadership in this area and will greatly enhance the CEFS educational programming.

Dr. Reberg-Horton, Assistant Director of Collaborative Research, will help to pull teams together to respond to collaborative and interdisciplinary funding opportunities across agencies and within private foundations. He will also develop a web-based method for faculty to share field activities, maps and documents, and to develop consensus for decisions. Dr. Reberg-Horton will also work to attract new faculty to CEFS from a range of disciplines and will coordinate outreach to new faculty in the development of grant proposals and activities. “CEFS provides the perfect platform for scientists to collaborate,” said Reberg-Horton. “The most important agricultural issues of our time require input from a wide range of disciplines.”

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