Hubs & Kitchens: Food Hubs, Commercial Community Kitchens, and Copackers in NC 

Produced by NCGT and UFOODS.

Food hubs, commercial community kitchens, and copackers are intermediaries vital to the successful operation of supply chains connecting food that is grown in one area to consumers in that same area. This directory is designed to inform farmers and other food businesses of the location and services offered by these intermediaries.

The directory also provides grocery and food service buyers – including restaurants and institutional food service at universities and hospitals – with information on where they can find North Carolina food and farm products packed for retail and wholesale markets.

Download the directory here.


Food Business Road Map

Here’s your online kickstarter for starting a food business! This is intended to be a resource-dense, high-level view of your path.

Originally created by Taylor E. Hayes, 2017 NCGT  Local Food Supply Chain Apprentice, with Eric Hallman and Sue Ellsworth.

Find the Food Business Road Map on the CEFS website, here.

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2017 NC Growing Together Newsletter.