As a response to COVID-19, N.C. Cooperative Extension offices are working with local partners to distribute seed packs and start guides to families with kids at home during school closures. As of mid-May 2020, more than 33 NC counties were participating with over 12,000 families served! Seed sharing has a long tradition in numerous communities as an act of supporting each other to feed and nurture the whole community, as well as a long history within 4-H and Cooperative Extension.

N.C. Cooperative Extension is also offering home-based educational activities to help kids learn about growing while supporting the start-up of home-based gardens. Numerous School Nutrition Directors are reporting great support from their 4-H and Extension offices and are happy to have seeds added to meal distribution!

Learn more about this project and find additional information on seed sharing and planting advice: N.C. Cooperative Extension Local Food Portal.