Project Description

Successful postharvest handling: a workshop planning guide

Postharvest Handling workshops are an ideal way for farmers and growers to understand the harvesting, packing, and cooling requirements common to wholesale buyers, such as food distributors and grocery store chains. Workshops typically include information on postharvest disorders and common problems as well as approaches and technologies that can maintain product quality, extend shelf life, and prevent loss of sales. Economically successful fruit & vegetable production is highly dependent on postharvest quality preservation. Postharvest Handling Workshops are designed to assist growers in developing skills that provide a competitive advantage in the fresh produce market. This guide outlines the processes needed to host a successful Postharvest Handling Workshop, as well as a toolkit of resources that can be used, including a Postharvest Handling PowerPoint presentation; a North Carolina-specific Wholesale Specifications Guide; and multiple resources for growers to learn more about postharvest handling and quality issues.

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