Project Description

NCGT Shrimp Processing Feasibility Study

Team: Corey Kuhar, Linda Lin, Erik Matthia / Fall 2015

The National Restaurant Association’s annual survey of chefs in 2016 once again (fourth year in a row) placed “locally sourced meats and seafood” as the #1 Top Food Trend. North Carolina fishermen are particularly well-placed to take advantage of this trend, as the NC coast is home to numerous fish species that could be retained within the state for sale to consumers. Shrimp, in particular, present an appealing prospect because of their popularity among consumers. Research on the economic status of the seafood industry in NC consistently finds that an in-state shrimp processing facility is a critical piece of infrastructure that could substantially increase the economic viability of NC shrimpers. This MBA team examined the business case for investment and operation of a shrimp processing facility for an NCGT partner company.

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