August/September 2016 — NC Growing Together has launched a new effort to engage local governments in the work of building local food systems.  The goal of the Local Food Economies (LFE) initiative is to support the work of local government and economic development agencies as they seek to expand the capacity and potential of businesses within the local food value chain.

“NCGT has three main focus areas,” says NCGT’s Project Manager Rebecca Dunning. “Building capacity for businesses to participate in the local food supply chain, networkingbusiness entities across the chain, and creating enabling environments that support food value chain creation and growth. LFE is part of the work to create those environments.”

Local Food Economies has produced a set of resources to assist planners, economic and business developers, entrepreneurs, and others in building local food economies across the state.  Continue reading below for more details about these resources.

Please visit the CEFS website to learn more about the Local Food Economies initiative.

This article originally appeared in the August/September 2016 NC Growing Together Newsletter.