Wanchese fish company

Wanchese Fish Company in Wanchese, NC. Photo by Dr. Garrity-Blake.

September 2014 – In September, NC Growing Together released Keep It Moving: North Carolina Seafood Transportation Logistics with a Focus on East to West Routes. The report, by Dr. Barbara Garrity-Blake of the Duke University Marine Laboratory and Megan Ware of Duke University”s Nicholas School of the Environment, examines how and to what extent seafood is currently being transported to in-state markets west of Interstate 95, and identifies challenges to and opportunities for improving the east-to-west supply chain.

The study is part of best online casino an effort to identify and strengthen in-state supply chains and markets as an alternative or addition to the long-standing north/south trajectory along the I-95 corridor to Baltimore and points north. It is also intended to support efforts to capitalize on the local foods movement and increase profit margins on smaller volumes of North Carolina seafood products.

Says Dr. Garrity-Blake, “North Carolina fishermen recognize that marketing seafood in-state is a good way to cultivate brand identity and maintain product value.”

The report compliments the work of NCGT Supply Chain fellow Jessica Newsome on the NC seafood industry. Read the reports on the Research page of the NCGT website.

This article originally appeared in the September 2014 NC Growing Together Newsletter.