Incubator Farm Project: Land-Use Policies

Examples of Land-Use Policies Supportive of Urban Agriculture and Agricultural Use of Public Lands

There are a number of municipal and county governments that have been working over the last few years to create land-use policies that are more supportive of urban agriculture and agricultural use of public lands in general. The following annotated list is a selection of examples from around the country, and should not be considered exhaustive.

American Planning Association

Boston, Massachusetts

Boulder County, Colorado

Site includes links to: Growers’ Association Model for Boulder County Parks and Open Space Agriculture Leases– described as a mechanism for several small farm operations to lease one parcel together; Lease Overview and Online Signup for Notice of Request for Bids; Leasing Process Specifics; Insurance Requirements; Bid Submittal Form and Bid Evaluation Criteria; and a generic Lease document.

Chicago, Illinois – Urban Agriculture Zoning Code amendments resources and articles

Chicago Food Policy

  • Land Use Policy for Urban Agriculture Resources
  • Build Skills & Systems for Urban Agriculture & Local Food Enterprise: Policy Makers & Funders Can Help

Cleveland, Ohio


Farmland Information Center

Kansas City, Missouri

Northeast Ohio, Countryside Conservancy

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity

  • Land Use Policies to Promote Urban Agriculture

New England Small Farm Institute

Oakland, California

  • Oakland Urban Livestock Report

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Portland, Oregon

Raleigh, North Carolina

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

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