11/7/2018 Earlier this year, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) published a guideline entitled, “FSIS Guideline for Determining Whether a Livestock Slaughter or Processing Firm is Exempt from the Inspection Requirements of the Federal Meat Inspection Act.”

In this document, USDA, FSIS updated their definition of “in commerce.”  This new definition makes it legal for a County-Inspected retail market to sell packaged meat and poultry products to end consumers in locations other than their market, provided the products remain under their control.

This means one can produce and package meat and poultry products in a restaurant, retail meat market, shared use incubator kitchen or other County Inspected facility, carry the products to another location (such as a farmers market), and sell them directly to the consumers.  Previously this activity required inspection from NCDA & CS Meat and Poultry Inspection Division or our federal counterparts, USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service.

NCDA&CS Meat and Poultry Inspection Division has created the following notice (linked below) to educate persons about this new regulatory interpretation and the requirements for meeting this exemption.  NC Department of Health and Human Services reviewed and contributed to this policy notice.  They will  be disseminating it to the local county health inspection personnel, whom they license.


Please share this information with interested parties, especially operators of shared use incubator kitchens.  This new policy opens a lot of markets for their clients.

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