Springtime at the NCSU Agroecology Education Farm would normally be busy with student and volunteer activity. We’re grateful for Alison Reeves’ efforts to keep the farm thriving and providing produce for NC State University campus dining, the Feed the Pack food pantry, and the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.

Alison says, “We’re down to just one staff member at the farm – that’s me.  For both food safety and worker safety, we wanted to be extra careful.  Although the COVID-19 virus isn’t really transmitted through food, we handle so much equipment it would be kind of tricky if we had more than one person out there.

It’s a tough time because it’s almost April, which is the time when we would usually be planting for the summer.  We have a bunch of [plant] starts from the greenhouse, and I’m trying to narrow down and be thoughtful about what one person can manage right now.”

Learn more about how COVID-19 is impacting activities on the farm: