WEBINAR | Monday, March 5, 2018 @ 1pm
We have partnered with local food expert Jill Willett of Coaching for Cooks to offer this special webinar to the NC Choices community. When it comes to successfully marketing your meat business, there are six key areas that need some seeeeerious attention.  In this 90 minute webinar, Jill will dive into each of those key areas and share some quick but impactful ways to implement them into your business. You’ll learn:
  • The six key areas of marketing your food business that will dramatically improve your ability to reach more customers
  • The one essential system to have in place in order to grow your audience – both live and online – every single month
  • Examples of other food entrepreneurs just like you who have put these ideas into practice and the results they’ve seen
  • And receive two bonus resources to quickly implement these teachings into your own meat business