Grant-Funded Projects

Frequently used acronyms

CAR = Crops at Risk
CIG = Conservation Innovation Grant
NIFA = National Institute of Food and Agriculture
NRCS = National Resources Conservation Service
NRI = National Research Initiative
NSF = National Science Foundation
OREI = Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative
SARE = USDA Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education

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Project TitleResearchersFunding SourceAmountYears   
Enhancing the Sustainability of US Cropping Systems through Cover Crops and an Innovative Information and Technology NetworkCo-PI's: Reberg-Horton, Samuel Christopher, Leon Ramon Gonzalo, Woodley PhD Alexander LakeUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - Agriculture Research Service)$9,994,4042019 - 2024
Expanding Farming Benchmarking Results Through Multi-State Collaborations And MentoringLead Institution: University of Missouri; Co-PI: Liang, KathleenUSDA- NIFA$500,0002019 - 2020
Southern Region SARE Sustainable Agriculture Training Programs - PDP - 2019-2020 Model State Program - Program AssistantPI: Reberg-Horton, Samuel ChristopherUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$33,3332019 - 2020
SNAP-Ed Steps to Health FY19 ProposalCo-PI's: Lindesy Maslow, Patricia Dunn, Carolyn Bird, Anne Hardison - Moody, Dara Bloom, Michael Edwards, Gretchen Hofing, Koralalage JayaratneNC Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture - Food and Nutrition Services (USDA FNS))$2,209,735 2018 - 2019
EmPOWERing Mountain Food Systems: Cultivating a Profitable Local Food Industry Cluster through Entrepreneurial and Business Support, Infrastructure Development, Training, Leadership Development and Capacity BuildingCo-PI's: Laura Lauffer, Nancy Creamer, Krystal Chojnacki, Abbey Piner, Carla Barbieri, Robyn Stout, Sarah Blacklin, Bevelyn Ukah, Tessa Thraves, Whitney KnollenbergAppalachian Regional Commission (ARC)$1,100,000 2019 - 2022
Examining Food Insecurity in Rural America: A Qualitative StudyPI: Lindsey MaslowShare Our Strength (Prime--Corporation for National and Community Service)$125,000 2018 - 2019
Effectively Using Permanent and Temporary Electric Fence Technology: Adviser Training to Support Producers Implementing Adaptive Grazing Management.Co-PI's: Matt Poore, Johnny Rogers, Deidre HarmonSouthern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)$79,954 2019 - 2020
Statewide Systemic Change in the Food System: A Path to Environmental Health and Sustainability, Social and Economic Justice, and Community-Based DemocracyCo-PI's: Nancy Creamer, Abbey Piner, Angel CruzZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation$75,000 2019 - 2020
Understanding Tradeoffs for Cover Crop Deployment in Organic Sweet PotatoCo-PI's: Anders Huseth, Alec WoodleySouthern Region IPM Center$29,990 2019 - 2020
Uncovering Winter Crop Effect on Soybean Production in North CarolinaCo-PI's: Rachel Vann, Alex Woodley, David JordanNC Soybean Producers Association, Inc.$25,926 2019 - 2020
Evaluating Benefits of Winter Annual Cover Crop Systems for Organic Sweet Potato in North CarolinaCo-PI's: Alex Woodley, Anders Huseth, Chris Reberg-HortonOrganic Farming Research Foundation$19,878 2019 - 2020
Community Food Share ProjectPI: Dara BloomFarmer Foodshare (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$14,962 2018 - 2021
Examining the Impact of North Carolina's Statewide Healthy Food Small Retailer Policy on Diet-Related Outcomes in Rural Food DesertsCo-PI's: Lindsey Maslow, Kathryn BoysUNC - East Carolina University (Prime--Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)$14,796 2018 - 2019
Evaluating Cow-calf Production Efficiency By Comparing Mature Cow Weight and Calf Weaning WeightCo-PI's: Matt Poore, Deidre Harmon, Johnny RogersNC Cattlemen's Association$6,972 2019
Determination of Cow and Calf Stress Associated with Different Weaning StrategiesCo-PI's: Carrie Pickworth, Matt Poore, Deidre HarmonNC Cattlemen's Association$6,750 2019
Utilizing Craft Brewing Side Streams of Trub, Hops, and Yeast Mix (THYM) as a Novel Feed Additive and an Alternative to Monensin in Beef Cattle DietsCo-PI's: Deidre Harmon, Matt Poore, Johnny Rogers, April ShaefferNC Cattlemen's Association$6,710 2019
Comparison of Stocker Cattle Performance on Two Double-Crop Forage SystemsCo-PI's: Carrie Pickworth, Diedre Harmon, Matt Poore, Joan EisemannNC Cattlemen's Association$6,300 2019
Utilizing Cool-Season Annual Grasses and Grass-Legume Mixtures for Grazing and SilageCo-PI's: Deidre Harmon, Matt Poore, Johnny Rogers, April ShaefferNC Cattlemen's Association$6,236 2019
Whole Cottonseed and Cotton Gin Byproduct for Beef CattleCo-PI's: Matt Poore, Deidre Harmon, Carrie PickworthNC Cattlemen's Association$6,230 2019
Effects of Cover Crops and Tillage on Long-Term Tillage PlotsCo-PI's: Deanna Osmond, Alex Woodley, Joshua HeitmanCorn Growers Association of NC, Inc.$6,000 2019 - 2020
Targeted Risk Management Training at the Carolina Meat Conference for New Meat ProducersCo-PI's: Sarah Blacklin, Nancy CreamerUniversity of Arkansas (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$5,000 2019
Young Scholar Enhancement Grant: Incorporating Experiential Learning into 4-H Youth CampsCo-PI's: Rebecca Dunning, Dara BloomUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$3,889 2019
Forage Distribution, Yield, and Nutritive Value of 5 Commercially Available Crabgrass Varieties Established Either Broadcasted or No-Till DrilledCo-PI's: Deidre Harmon, Matt Poore, April Scaeffer, Johnny Rogers
NC Cattlemen's Association$3,499 2019
NSF Coupled Natural Systems and Human Systems – An Integrated Approach to Alleviate Food DesertsCo-PI's: Manoj Jha (PI, A&T), Kathleen Liang (A&T), Lyubov A Kurkalova (A&T), Leila Hashemi Beni (A&T), Gregory H. Monty (A&T), Tim Mulrooney (NCCU)National Science Foundation (NSF)$750,000 2018-2021
Enhancing the Value of the National Farm Financial Benchmarking DatabaseCo-PI: Robert Craven (PI, University of Minnesota), Dale Nordquist (University of Minnesota), Kathleen Liang (A&T)US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)$400,000 2018-2019
Developing Beginning Farmers with Socially Disadvantaged GroupCo-PI's: Kathleen Liang (Collaborator)US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)$200,000 2018-2020
Does Organic Farming Promote Soil Microbial Communities with High Nitrogen use Efficiency in Acidic Southeastern US Soils?Co-PI's: Shuijin Hu, Chris Reberg-Horton, Wayne Robarge, Alex WoodleyUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$500,000 2018-2020
Southern Regional SARE Professional Development Program - Model State Program AssistantPI: Chris Reberg-HortonUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$55,555 2018-2019
AgVETS - OCIF Incubator Farm Grant 2018 EvaluationCo-PI's: Susan Jakes, Becky Bowen, Rebecca DunningVeterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$24,997 2018-2021
“Spiraling-Up”: Using Ripple Effect Mapping to Evaluate an Extension Volunteer Program’s Impact on Social Capital in Rural AreasPI: Jessica Dara BloomRural Sociological Society$4,527 2018-2019
A Comprehensive Approach to Growing Successful Beginning Meat ProducersCo-PI’s: Sarah Blacklin, Nancy Creamer, Rebecca Dunning, Matthew Poore, Robert Branan, Margaret Bell Ross, Robyn Stout, Silvana Pietrosemoli, Alan FranzleubbersUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$599,020 2018-2021
Farm Labor Management and Decision MakingCo-PI: Kathleen LiangUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$500,000 2018-2021
Determining Baseline Losses in Specialty Crop Production and Understanding Supply-Chain Constraints to Total UtilityCo-PI’s: Rebecca Dunning, Lisa JohnsonWorld Wildlife Fund$150,000 2018-2019
Revitalizing Urban and Rural Communities via Small Business Entrepreneurship and Re-investment in Idle ResourcesCo-PI: Kathleen LiangPurdue University Diversity Transformation Collaboration program$7,000 2018-2019
National Farm to School Network Partner to Partner Mentor ProgramPI: Tessa ThravesTides Foundation – National Farm to School Network$4,000 2018
Cover crops: The Cornerstone of Water Management in The Face of Increasing Demand and A Changing ClimatePI: Chris Reberg-HortonUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$5,190,616 2018-2022
CREST Center for Bioenergy, Phase IICo-PI's: Shahbazi, Schimmel, Ilias, Wang, Kuila, Kabadi, Lou, Arvamudhan (JSNN)National Science Foundation’s Research Traineeship (NRT) Program$5,000,000 2018-2022
Connecting for Impact: A Network of Food Councils Activating Lasting ChangeCo-PI's: Abbey Piner, Shorlette Ammons, Margaret KnightBlue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation$2,018,000 2018-2022
North Carolina Farm to Childcare: State Level Change in North Carolina as a Model for the NationCo-PI's: Nancy Creamer, Dara Bloom, Joanna Lelekacs, Lucy Bradley, Tessa Thraves, Rebecca Dunning, Caroline Stover, Rajade Berry-James, Shorlette AmmonsW. K. Kellogg Foundation$675,000 2018-2020
Product Liability and Product Contamination Insurance: Improving Food Safety, Ensuring Market Access, and Boosting Profitability for Specialty Crop ProducersCo-PI's: Kathryn Boys, Barry Goodwin, Rebecca DunningUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$499,079 2018-2022
Developing an Innovative Peer Mentoring Model through an
Agroecology and Sustainable Food System Ambassador
PI: Michelle Schroeder-MorenoNC State – CALS Dean’s Enrichment Grant Program$18,900 2018-2020
Improving Strategies for Hunger Relief and Food Security Using Computational Data ScienceCo-PI's: Lauren Davis, Seong-Tae Kim, Kenrette Jefferson-Moore, Steven Jiang, Albert EsterlineNational Science Foundation’s Research Traineeship (NRT) Program$3,000,000 2017-2022
Ginger Propagation and Production Protocol Development for Niche MarketsCo-PI's: Gouchen Yang, Sanjun GuUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$864,771 2017-2020
Statewide Farm to School Capacity BuildingPI: Tessa ThravesBlue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation$855,000 2017-2021
Strengthening Local Food Systems Through Children: The Role of Agritourism in Agricultural Literacy and Purchasing Behaviors of Local FoodsCo-PI's: Carla Barbieri, Kthryn Stevenson, Whitney Grace KnollenbergUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$499,536 2017-2021
Farm Benchmarking Financial ManagementCo-PI: Kathleen Liang (NC A&T Subaward); Lead Insitution: University of VermontUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture - AFRI$485,000 2018
Optimization of the Indoor production of selected specialty crops to increase concentration of health related phytochemicals. -- Proof of conceptCo-PI's: Ricardo Hernandez, Penelope Perkins-VeazieAccess Business Group LLC$315,446 2018-2020
Entrepreneurial Strategies and Regional Food NetworkPI: Kathleen LiangUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)$265,033 2017-2019
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) ProgramCo-PI's: Chris Reberg-Horton, Jessica Dara Bloom, Sarah Bowen, Shuijin HuUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$100,000 2017-2019
Center for Environmental Farming Systems: Local Food Policy Council of NC Achieving Equitable Community Economic Development ProjectPI: Nancy CreamerZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation$40,000 2017-2018
NCSU - Sustaining Networks, Leadership, and Local Food Markets for Historically-Underserved Populations at NC UniversitiesPI: Robyn StoutZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation$25,000 2017-2019
Piedmont Progressive Farmers Food Hub Organizational Development and Feasibility StudyCo-PI's: Becky Bowen, Rebecca DunningPiedmont Progressive Farmers Group (PPFG)$21,770 2017-2018
Childcare Outdoors as Active Food System: Effectiveness of POD Gardening ComponentCo-PIs: Nilda Cosco, Robin Moore, Jessica Dara Bloom, Lora Goodell, Lucy Bradley, Daowen ZhangUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$988,645 2017-2022
A Multi-Level Approach to Prevent Obesity: Extension and Engagement in Four North Carolina CountiesCo-PI's: Anne Hardison-Moody, Lindsey Haynes-Maslow, Jessica Dara Bloom, Michael Schulman, Lorelei Jones, Patricia Dunn, Sarah Bowen, Jason Bocarro, Micael Kanters, James Hipp, Michael Edwards, Myron Flyod, Cintia Aguilar, Jill Kuhlberg, Lindsay ElliottCenters for Disease Control & Prevention (Prime--US Dept. of Health & Human Services (DHHS))$773,677 2016-2017
A Supply Chain Approach to Finding Win-Win Sustainable Solutions for Edible but Unharvested ProduceCo-PIs: Rebecca Dunning, Lisa Johnson, Nancy Creamer, Michael Boyette, Kathryn Boys, Jessica Dara BloomUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$219,971 2017-2019
Creating Long-Term Solutions to Advance Farmer Profitability and Market Capacity for NC Pastured MeatsCo-PIs: Sarah Blacklin, Rebecca Dunning, Sheila NealGolden Leaf Foundation$151,405 2016-2018
Recruiting, Retention and Education for Urban and Community Horticulture through Experiential Learning, Scholarships and PartnershipsCo-PIs: Guochen Yang, Sanjun GuUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$147,000 2017-2020
Moving Regional Food Systems Toward Sustainability: An Adaptive and Interactive Online Course in Local Food System Development for NC, SC, and VA Extension Agents and Other Service ProvidersCO-PIs: Joanna Lelekacs, Jessica Dara BloomUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$79,985 2017-2019
Connecting NC Agriculture and Healthcare: A Nutrition Education Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program to Support Healthier Diets and Local FarmCo-PIs: Lindsey Haynes-Maslow, NC State University (NCSU PI); Nancy Creamer, NCSU;
Amy Lanou, UNC Asheville (UNCA); Ben Aiken, MAHEC Family Medicine Residency Program, Asheville; Rebecca Dunning, NCSU
Kathryn Boys, NCSU; Amir Barzin, UNC-CH Family Medicine; Laurel Sisler, UNC-CH Family Medicine; Avril Rowderdink, UNC Healthcare; Brad Wilson UNC School of Medicine
UNC System Inter-Institutional (agency)$72,500 2017-2018
Southern Region SARE Professional Development - Model State Program – AssistantPI: Chris Reberg-HortonUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$55,555 2017-2018
Instruction of a USDA Sponsored Course - Pastureland Ecology ICo-PIs: Matthew Poore, Paul Siciliano, April Shaeffer, Johnny RogersUS Dept. of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS)$53,368 2017
Southeast Cattle Handling for Women Producers: Advanced BQA Training and Farm SafetyCo-PIs: Matthew Poore, April Shaeffer, Harrison DudleyUniversity of Arkansas (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$49,998 2017-2018
Renewable Resources Extension Funds for developing programs to support small family farms and woodlandsPI: Joshua IdassiUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$13,500 2017-2018
Understanding Labor Issues for Small and Medium Sized FarmsCo-PI: Kathleen Liang (Subaward at NC A&T); Lead Institution: University of Vermont.US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture- AFRI$500,000 2016-2020
Center for Environmental Farming Systems: Local Food Policy Council of NC Achieving Equitable Community Economic Development ProjectPI: Nancy CreamerZ Smith Reynolds Foundation$40,000 2016-2018
New Tools for Cover Crop ResearchPI: Chris Reberg-HortonEnvironmental Defense Fund$25,000 2016-2017
Potential for Differential Somatic Cell Count (dSCC) to Predict Mastitis IncidenceCo-PIs: Christian Maltecca, Kevin Anderson, Steven WashburnNorth Carolina Dairy Producers Association (NCDPA)$6,993 2016-2017
Impact of Protein Supplementation on Health Performance of Weaned Beef Calves Consuming Endophyte-Infected Tall FescueCo-PI's: Carrie Pickworth, Daniel Poole, Matthew PooreNC Cattlemen's Association$6,990 2017
Developing Renovation Strategies for Toxic Infected Tall Fescue that Best Manages for Profitability, Animal Performance and Soil Health of the Production SystemCo-PI's: Matthew Poore, Daniel Poole, Miguel CastilloNC Cattlemen's Association$6,954 2017
Effects of Starch Level Fed to Cattle During Pasture Finishing on Growth, Carcass Traits, and Meat QualityCo-PIs: Matthew Poore, Carrie PickworthNC Cattlemen's Association$6,914 2017
The Effect of Light Quality on Blueberry Seed GerminationCo-PIs: Ricardo Hernandez, Hamid Ashrafi, Jessica SpencerNC Agricultural Foundation, Inc (Prime--NC Blueberry Council)$5,846 2017-2018
NC Choices' Carolina Meat ConferencePI: Sarah BlacklinUniversity of Arkansas (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$5,000 2017
CEFS support of Farm to Pre/School: Building Coalition and Network CapacityPI: Tessa ThravesNational Farm to School Network$4,000 2017-2019
CSU Livestock/Forage Educational Booth at the NC Cattlemen's ConferenceCo-PIs: Matthew Poore, Harrison Dudley, April Shaeffer, Johnny Rogers, Daniel PooleNC Cattlemen's Association$3,780 2017
Mobile and On-farm Vegetable Dehydration Demonstration UnitsCo-PIs: Michael Boyette, Lisa JohnsonNC Vegetable Growers Association$2,000 2016-2017
Community Food Strategies (CFS): Facilitating Food Sovereignty through Food Policy Council Support and DevelopmentCo-PIs: Piner Abbey, Nancy CreamerW. K. Kellogg Foundation$1,502,400 2016-2019
Growing New Roots: Grafting to Enhance Resiliency in U.S. Vegetable IndustriesCo-PIs: Frank Louws, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Olha Sydorovych, Christopher Gunter, Ricardo Hernandez, Katherine Jennings, Dilip Panthee, Jonathan Schultheis (contracts with 9 other Universities)US Department of Agriculture (USDA)-National Institute of Food and Agriculture$3,276,666 2016-2018
North Carolina Farm to Childcare: State Level Change in North Carolina as a Model for the NationCo-PIs: Nancy Creamer; Dara Bloom; Joanna Lelekacs; Lucy Bradly; Robin Moore; Nilda Cosco; Tessa Thraves; Nichole Huff; Rebecca DunningW. K. Kellogg Foundation$700,000 2016-2018
CEFS Long-Term Systems Research: Providing the Building Blocks for Resilient Food Production SystemsCo-PIs: Chris Reberg-Horton, Wayne Robarge, Jessica Dara Bloom, Sarah Bowen, Wesley Everman, Michelle Schroeder, Alan Franzleubbers, Nancy CreamerUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA))$100,000 2016-2018
Implement plan of Work for the Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program (Sustainable Agriculture Training Program: Model State Program)Co-PIs: Chris Reberg-Horton, Sanjun GuUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Department of Agriculture (USDA))$22,222 2016-2018
Southern Region SARE Sustainable Agriculture Training Program- PDP- Model State Program- AssistantCo-PIs: Chris Reberg-Horton, Sanjun GuUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Department of Agriculture (USDA))$22,222 2016-2018
Enhancing Extension's Food Council Program Support: Building Skills to Drive Collaboration and Align ImpactsPI: Abbey PinerNC Cooperative Extension's Local Food Program Grant$5,000 2016
CEFS, NC Choices and Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Presents:The May Meat SeriesPI: Sarah BlacklinNC Cooperative Extension ‰ÛÒ Local Food Program Grant$4,990 2016
Building University Market Opportunities For Small And Mid-scale Farmers: Applied Research And Outreach To Strengthen Campus Community Local Food SystemsCo-PIs: Rebecca Dunning; Robyn Stout; Lauren DavisUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$469,771 2016-2018
Connecting Kids to Healthy Food in Schools: FoodCorps NCCo-PIs: Tessa Thraves; Elizabeth DriscollKate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust$141,346 2016-2019
Advancing Local Food Procurement at NC Universities through Creating Market Opportunities and Leadership Development for Historically-Underserved PopulationsPI: Robyn StoutZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation$69,956 2016-2017
Regional Food Network AnalysisPI: Kathleen LiangUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture- AFRI$500,000 2015-2019
Creating the Cover Crops that Organic Farmers Need: Traditional and Participatory Breeding, and Development of Genetic MarkersPI: Chris Reberg-HortonUS Dept. of Agriculture - Agriculture Research Service (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$292,676 2015-2019
Sustainable Organic Strawberry (SOS) Cropping Systems for the SoutheastPI: Sanjun Gu (NC A&T), Lead Institution: University of FloridaUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$1,990,000 2015-2019
Organic Production of off-Season Day-Neutral Strawberries using Low and High Tunnels in North CarolinaCo-PIs: Sanjun Gu, Jianmei YuUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$800,000 2015-2018
Enhancing the Graduate Program through International Agricultural Experiential Learning and Extension Opportunities in BelizePI: Joshua OdassiUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$550,000 2015-2018
Decision Support Tools for Cover Crops: Crediting Water and Nitrogen ConservationPI: Chris Reberg-HortonUS Dept. of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS)$998,469 2015-2018
Rooting Preventing Obesity by Design in Wake CountyCo-PIs: Nilda Cosco; Robin Moore; Nichole Huff; Joanna LelekacsJohn Rex Endownment$4,180 2015-2018
Farm-to-Childcare in North Carolina: A Holistic Case StudyCo-PIs: Dara Bloom, Jacob RutzUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$10,636 2015-2017
Facilitating Food Systems Structural Change to impact North Carolina's children and familiesCo-PIs: Shorlette Ammons, Noah Ranells, Nancy Creamer, Tes ThravesW.K. Kellogg Foundation$750,000 2015-2018
Strengthening University Local Food Systems: Train the Trainer Approach through Extension, Student, and Food Service CollaborationCo-PIs: Noah Ranells, Jannety Mosley (NC A&T)USDA - Southern SARE PDP (Professional Development Program)$78,547 2015-2017
Institutionalizing Cover Crop Research and Education in the SoutheastPI: Chris Reberg-HortonUniversity of Georgia (Prime - USDA NIFA) SARE$129,712 2015-2017
Sin Suelo Sin Comida: How Can Sustainable Soil Management Improve Food Security For Smallholder Farmers In El Salvador?Co-PIs: Michelle Schroeder-Moreno; Angel CruzUS Agency for International Development (USAID)$22,677 2015-2016
Creation of Resources for Triangle-area Economic Development Offices to Encourage Supply Chain Development that Supports Institutional Procurement of Local Foods.PI: Robyn StoutRSF Social Finance$10,000 2015-2016
Food Waste: Quantifying on-farm vegetable lossesCo-PIs: Nancy Creamer; Lisa JohnsonUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture - Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (USDA SARE))$10,207 2015-2016
Building Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Farmer's Markets for Low-Income Consumers in North CarolinaCo-PIs: Anne Hardison-Moody; Dara Bloom; Patricia Dunn; Benjamin Chapman, Lorelei Jones; Carolyn BirdNCSU Office of Extension and Engagement and Environmental Development$10,000 2015-2016
Strengthening University Local Food Systems through the NC 10% Campaign Local Food Ambassador (LFA) ProgramCo-PIs: Robyn Stout; Jannety MosleyAlces Foundation$6,000 2015-2016
Quality for Profit: Using Carcass Quality Data to Grow Premium Markets for Southeastern NC Pastured Pork ProducersPIs: Sarah Blacklin, Rebecca Dunning, and Nancy CreamerUSDA Rural Development - Rural Business-Cooperative Service$39,265 2015-2017
CEFS Long-Term Systems Research: Providing the Building Blocks for Resilient Food Production SystemsCo-PIs: Chris Reberg-Horton, Wayne Robarge, Jessica Bloom, Sarah Bowen, Wesley Everman, Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Alan Franzluebbers, and Nancy CreamerUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA))$100,000 2015-2016
Development Of Cover Crop Research Methods For Collaboration With Murphy-brown And Environmental Defense Fund; Task Order 2015-2954Chris Reberg-HortonEnvironmental Defense Fund$20,000 2015-2016
Calf Response to Alternate Weaning StrategiesPI: Matt PooreNC Cattlemen's Association$6,960 2015
Improving Soil Health on Beef Farms. Research to Determine the Soil Benefits of a Balanced Forage System, Improved Grazing Management, and Strategic Use of Annual ForagesPI: Matt PooreNC Cattlemen's Association$7,000 2015
Reproduction Performance of Naive Beef Heifers Exposed to Endophyte-Infected Tall FescuePI: Matt PooreNC Cattlemen's Association$6,964 2015
Amazing Grazing! Improving Soil Health on Beef Farms Through Improved Forage System and Improved Grazing ManagementPI: Matt PooreNC Cattlemen's Association$7,000 2015
NC Leadership and Cattle Handling for Women Producers (Phase Two)PI: Matt PooreNC Cattlemen's Association$3,715 2015
Practical approach to controlling foliar pathogens in organic tomato through participatory breeding and integrated pest managementCo-PI: Sanjun Gu (NC A&T), Lead Institution: Purdue UniversityUS Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture$1,990,000 2014-2018
Enhancement of Grazing Plan Development and Conservation Practice Adoption Through Educational Clinics and WorkshopsPI: Matt PooreCooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit - Piedmont-South Atlantic Coast, (Prime--USDA-NRCS)$95,006 2014-2017
FoodCorps NC: Healthy Kids, Young LeadersPI: Tes ThravesBlue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation$384,000 2014-2018
Improving Soil Health on Pasture-Based Livestock Farms in the Southeastern USPI: Matt PooreUSDA NRCS$995,710 2014-2017
Evaluation of the Milk and Meat Residues of Organic Therapies for MastitisProject Director and Co-PI Steve Washburn (NCSU); Co-PIs Ronald Baynes, Kevin Anderson (NCSU); Consultant Sharon Mason (Campbell University); Post-Doctoral Research Scholar Keena Mullen (NCSU)USDA NIFA$1,415,833 2014-2017
SARE PDP: Moving the NC Local Food System Toward Sustainability: A Comprehensive Graduate Course in Local Food Systems for Cooperative Extension Agents, Specialists, and other EducatorsPI: Joanna Massey LelekacsSouthern SARE$79,063 2014-2016
Integrated Risk Management for Women Producers, Processors, and Retailers in the Local Meat Product Value ChainPI: Sarah BlacklinRMA- University of Arkansas- USDA - NIFA$46,000 2014-2015
A proposal for a project addressing structural racism in the food system: Creating a Just Food System in Our Youth and Our Communities & Addressing Structural Racism and Food System Inequities (planning grant)PI: Noah Ranells (NC A&T); Co-PI: Shorlette Ammons (NC A&T)W. K. Kellogg Foundation$100,000 2014-2015
Sustainable Soil Management Practices for Strawberries: Diverse Approaches for Facilitating AdoptionPI: Michelle Schroeder-MorenoUniversity of Arkansas (Prime--Walmart Foundation)$103,784 2014-2015
Growing a Profitable Niche Meat Industry in North Carolina: Enhancing Economic Viability Across the Local Niche Meat Supply ChainsPI: Casey McKissick; Co-PIs: Nancy Creamer, Sarah Blacklin, Rebecca Dunning, Matt PooreGolden Leaf Foundation$175,000 2014-2015
An Integrated Project to Enhance Food Security and Sustainability through the Development and Evaluation of Supply Chains from Local Farmers and Fishers to Two Large-Scale Models of Local Food Distribution (large grocery chain and military base)PI Nancy Creamer; Co-PIs Alice Ammerman, Gary Bullen, Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld, Diane Ducharme, Carolyn Dunn, Rebecca Dunning, Rob Handfield, Leslie Hossfeld, Ray McKinnie, Tom Melton, Barry Nash, John O'Sullivan, Matt Poore, Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Steve WashburnUSDA NIFA AFRI$3,971,568 2013-2018
Global Hunger and Food Security Research Strategy: Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Small Scale IrrigationCo-PI: Joshua Idassi (Subaward); Lead Institution: Texan A&M UniversityUSAID for Ghana, Ethiopia, and Tanzania$650,000 2013-2018
CEFS Long-Term Systems Research: Providing the Building Blocks for Resilient Food Production SystemsChris Reberg-HortonUniversity of Georgia (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)$100,000 2013-2015
Sustainable Soil Management Practices for Strawberries: Evaluation of Individual and Integrated ApproachesM. Schroeder-Moreno, Amanda McWhirt, Yasmin Cardoza, Gina Fernandez, Hannah BurrackNational Strawberry Sustainability Initiative Grants Program (NSSI)$78,034 2013-2014
Students Working for an Agricultural Revolutionary Movement -- Creating New Economies Fund ProjectShorlette Ammons (SWARM and Wayne Food Initiative)Resourceful Communities$10,000 2013-2014
Reducing Beef Cattle Production Risks By Enhancing Soil Health, Drought Resilience, and Reduced Inputs Through Thoughtful Grazing ManagementMatt PooreUniversity of Arkansas (Prime--US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) - National Institute of Food and Agriculture)$49,695 2013-2014
Vermicompost and mycorrhizal interactions for reduction of spider mite populations in short-day strawberry cultivarsAmanda McWhirt, M. Schroeder-Moreno, Gina Fernandez, Yasmin CardozaNorth American Strawberry Growers Research Foundation 2013 Research Grant$4,080 2013
Healthy Foods, Healthy Communities: A Proposal for Partnership to Establish a National Model for Improved Community Health and Economic Development through the Development of Community-Based Food SystemsNancy Creamer, et alBlue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation of North Carolina$2,500,000 2012-2018
Creating an Organic Plant Breeding Center for the SoutheastReberg-Horton, C., Carter, T., Goodman, M., Isleib T., Murphy P., (all NCSU); Sligh, M. (RAFI-USA)USDA OREI$1,262,855 2012-2015
Assessing The Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential Of Organic Systems In The Southeast (See project description)Hu, Shuijin; Reberg-Horton, S. Chris; Robarge, Wayne, P; Schroeder-Moreno, Michelle, S.; Grossman, Julie, M.; Cardoza, Yasmin; Everman, Wesley, J. (all NCSU)USDA NIFA$734,802 2012-2015
CEFS Long-Term Systems Research: Providing the Building Blocks for Resilient Food Production SystemsPI C. Reberg-Horton, N. Creamer, P. Mueller, J. Grossman, F. Louws , S. Hu, D. Orr, S. Bowen, J.-M. Luginbuhl, S. Petresemoli, M. Poore, S. Washburn, M. Schroeder-Moreno, Y. Cardoza (NCSU); J. O'Sullivan, C. Raczkowski, B. Gray, G. Ejimakor (NCA&TSU)SARE$286,684 2012-2015
Quantifying the Multiplier Effect: What Sustainable Local Food Systems can Mean to Local Communities (See project description)
D. Marticorena, N. Creamer (NCSU), J. OÌ¥Sullivan (NCA&TSU), D. Swenson (Iowa State), D. Hughes (Clemson)SARE Project# LS12-248$211,000 2012-2015
Preventing Obesity by Design in Wake CountyJoanna Massey Lelekacs, Nancy CreamerNatural Learning Initiative, NCSU (Via John Rex Endowment)$17,199 2012-2015
NC Choices - Helping Meat Processors Professionalize and Conduct TrainingJennifer Curtis, et alNC Rural Center$325,000 2012-2014
Youth Food Initiative (Planning and Capacity-Building)Tes ThravesBlue Cross and Blue Shield of NC$75,000 2012-2013
Food System Assessment for Forsyth County. Nancy Creamer, et alForsyth Futures$19,680 2012
Support for 2012 Carolina Meat ConferenceMcKissick and CurtisUSDA SARE$10,000 2012
Small Equipment Grant for a BioTek H1 spectroscopic and fluorescent plate readerGrossman, J. Long, T., Shi, W., Perera, I., Haigler, C.NCSU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences$12,500 2012
Sowing the Seeds for Effective Urban Agriculture Leaders through Student-Community PartnershipsGrossman, J., Schroeder, M., Jayaratne, K.S.U.NCSU Office of Extension & Engagement & Economic Development$10,000 2012
Contributions of Legume Cover Crop Root System to Soil Carbon Pools in Organic Systems Using Different Termination StrategiesJani, A. and Grossman, J.USDA SARE$10,997 2012
Enhancing Food Security by Cultivating Resilient Food Systems and Communities: Place-Based Foodshed Analysis From Research to Community PracticePI Susan Clark (Virginia Tech), Co-PI Michelle Schroeder-Moreno (NCSU), Cheryl Bown (West Virginia University)USDA NIFA$2,041,100 2011-2015
Youth Food InitiativeTes Thraves, Liz Driscoll (NC 4-H)USDA NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (subcontract from Inter-Faith Food Shuttle)$115,000 2011-2014
Evaluating the potential of winter cover crops for carbon sequestration in degraded soils transitioning to organic production (See project description)J. Grossman, Shuijin Hu, W. Shi, G. ReddyUSDA Integrated Organics Program$700,000 2011-2013
Educating and Training Future Farmers, Ranchers, and Extension Personnel in Sustainable AgriculturePI Rose Konieg (University of Florida), Co-PI Michelle Schroeder-MorenoUSDA SARE$245,000 2010-2013
Lighting up the black box: Improving legume performance on organic farms by optimizing microbially-mediated plant and soil nitrogen cycling processesJ. Grossman, M. Schroeder-Moreno, W. Shi, S. BowenSARE Research and Education Project (Project No.LS10-227)$192,000 2010-2013
Evaluation of herbal remedies as alternatives to antibiotic therapy in dairy cattleK.A. Mullen, S.P. Washburn, K.L. AndersonSARE Graduate Student Project (Project No.GS10-094)$9,990 2010-2012
Predictors of short-term nitrogen availability in organic farming systems that utilize warm season cover cropsS. O'Connell, N. CreamerSARE Graduate Student Project (Project No.GS10-088)$10,000 2010-2012
Organic Canola and Spelt ProductionReberg-Horton, S.C., Hamilton, M.N.NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission$73,500 2010-2012
Managing Field Borders for Weed and Seed PredatorsA.F. Fox, S.C. Reberg-HortonSARE Graduate Student Project$9,856 2010-2012
Preparing Students for a Diverse Future: Designing a Cultural Competency Training Program for Community Engagement in AgricultureJulie Grossman, S. Smith, L. DriscollNCSU Diversity Mini-Grant Program$3,000 2010-2011
Farmhand Foods: An Innovative Enterprise to Help Build a Sustainable Local Food EconomyPIs Jennifer Curtis, Kathy KennelN.C. Rural Economic Development Center Economic Innovations Grant through the N.C. Agricultural Foundation$75,000 2010
Farmhand Foods Soft LaunchPIs Jennifer Curtis, Kathy KennelN.C. Tobacco Trust Fund through the N.C. Agricultural Foundation$70,560 2010
10% Campaign: Growing Demand for Local Foods in North CarolinaNancy CreamerGolden Leaf Foundation$300,000 2010
Cabarrus County Community Food System Assessment ProposalNancy CreamerCabarrus County$31,500 2010
Facilitating Institutional Change in the Cooperative Extension Service Through the Development of County-Based Food Systems InitiativesNancy CreamerAlces Foundation$9,000 2010
Bringing New Farmers to the Table: a Comprehensive Support Program to Meet North Carolina's 10% Local Food ChallengeNancy CreamerUSDA NIFA$750,000 2010
Effects of vermicompost on pollinator nutritionPI Yasmin Cardoza; C. Grozinger, Entomology, PSU and K. Harris, Food Science NCSU, Co-PIsPrivate donor$18,000 2010
Instruction of a USDA Sponsored Course: Pastureland Ecology IMatt Poore, Jean-Marie LuginbuhlNRCS, National Employee Development Center$46,492 2010
Predictors of Short-term Nitrogen Availability in Organic Farming Systems That Utilize Warm Season Cover CropsS. O'ConnellSARE Graduate Student Award$10,000 2010
Multiple livestock species integrated parasite management train-the-trainer programs with on-farm, computer-based and traditional training sessionsNiki WhitleySARE Professional Development Program (Project No.ES10-105)$86,105 2010
To repel or kill: A population ecology approach to developing a new model for horn fly management in beef and dairy cattle systems (See project description)B.A. Mullens, A. Gerry, D.W. Watson, J. ZhuUSDA CAR$111,798 2009-2013
Farmer driven breeding: Addressing the needs of Southeastern organic field crop producersS.C. Reberg-Horton, G.T. Place, T.E. Carter, M.M. Goodman, T.G. Isleib, J.P. Murphy, M. SlighUSDA OREI$1,174,942 2009-2012
Increasing access to "good" food for all North Carolina citizens while rebuilding a local sustainable food economy and engaging youth (See project description)PIs include Nancy Creamer, Jennifer CurtisW.K. Kellogg Foundation$1,535,349 2009-2012
Research and educational support for organic dairy farming in the South (See project description)S.P. Washburn, K.L. Anderson, G.A. Benson, M.L. Alley, S.E. Johnson (Note: Includes subcontract to University of Arkansas for $95,993; J.A. Pennington, K.M. Loftin, K.W. VanDevender, R. Rainey, D. Philipp)SARE Research and Education Project (Project No.LS09-224)$250,000 2009-2012
Improving weed and insect management in organic reduced-tillage cropping systemsS.C. Reberg-HortonUSDA OREI$59,000 2009-2012
Assessment of the diversity of entomopathogens in vermicomposts and their potential as biological control agents for agricultural insect pestsAndrea Torres-Barragan (host PI Yasmin Cardoza)NSF minority postdoctoral fellowship$189,000 2009-2012
Evaluating vermicompost mediated host plant resistance as a sustainable alternative to manage agricultural insect pestsYasmin J. Cardoza, PI Amos G. LittleSARE Graduate Student Project (Project No.GS09-078)$9,810 2009-2011
Community gardening: Building community capacity, connecting with curriculum, and establishing new community and campus networksPI J. GrossmanN.C. State University Office of Extension, Engagement & Economic Development (EEED) Seed Grant$7,500 2009-2010
Cultural practices to improve the control of Italian RyegrassS.C. Reberg-Horton, R. Weisz, J.P. MurphyN.C. Small Grain Growers Association$3,000 2009-2010
Optimizing the roll kill/no-till system for organic soybean productionS.C. Reberg-HortonN.C. Soybean Producers Association$14,087 2009-2010
Stockpiled fescue for winter grazing beef cattle: A pilot educational programM. PooreN.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission$41,723 2009-2010
Taking it Statewide: Growing Sustainable Food Systems Capacity and Outcomes Across North CarolinaNancy CreamerUSDA SARE$14,950 2009
Train the trainers in community-based food systems: a project-oriented case study team approachNancy Creamer, Alice Ammerman, Keith Baldwin, Debbie Bost, Sarah Bowen, Blake Brown, Rudi Colleredo-Mansfield, Jennifer Curtis, Ginger Deason, Lis Driscoll, Carolyn Dunn, Bullen Gary, Natalie Hampton, Charlie Jackson, Robin Kohanowich, Danny McConnell, Roland McReynolds, Jean Mills, John O'Sullivan, Debbie Roos, William Shelton, Tes Thraves, Hillary WilsonSARE Professional Development Program (Project No.ES09-095)$99,266 2009
Reduced tillage in organic systems: A soil and water quality imperative (See project description)J.P. Mueller, H. Shuijin, S.C. Reberg-Horton, C.W. RaczkowskiSARE Research and Education Project (Project No.LS08-210)$190,000 2008-2012
Determining the realized niche of C. benghalensis by studying the effects of temperature, nutrients and light (Note: Subcontract of Commelina benghalensis: Biological, cultural and environmental factors that contribute to/limit invasion, distribution and range of this noxious weed threat to U.S. agriculture. University of Florida.)T. RuftyUSDA NRI$1072008-2011
Drought response/pasture management education programPoore, Benson, Hansen, Johnson, TurnerN.C. Rural Economic Development Center$193,813 2008-2011
Push-pull fly management for deep bedded swine barns (See project description)D.W. Watson, W.M. Morrow, R.M. RoeRegional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Competitive Grants Program ̐ Southern Region$97,897 2008-2011
Crop residues as emergency feeds for beef cattlePoore, Turner, Hansen, Johnson, AlleyN.C. Agricultural Foundation$16,279 2008-2010
Reducing tillage in organic grain production with an innovative cover crop management systemS.C. Reberg-Horton, M. Gibbs, J.P. Mueller, A. Meijer, J. Grossman, M.N. Hamilton.USDA NRCS CIG$249,289 2008-2010
Identification of genetic markers related to feed efficiency in beef cattleAshwell, Cassady, Huntington, Poore, Whisnant, HansenN.C. Cattlemen̥s Foundation$10,500 2008-2010
Testing the potential for compost teas for environmentally-friendly integrated pest managementPI Yasmin Cardoza; Paul Mueller Co-PIUSDA - Borlaug Fellowship$15,296 2008-2010
Pasture raised pork operations in North Carolina: What are the soil health costs and benefits of raising hogs outdoors? (See project description)PI J. GrossmanN.C. Agriculture Foundation$38,996 2008-2010
Strategies for managing risk in forage-based production systems for direct marketed beefM. PooreSouthern Risk Management Education Center$28,108 2008-2009
New market opportunities for farmers in North CarolinaD. Robertson, S.C. Reberg-Horton, D. Marshall, R. McReynoldsGolden LEAF Foundation$83,000 2008-2009
New tools to make organic no-till soybeans and corn a realityS.C. Reberg-Horton, C. Crozier, A. Meijer, M. Gibbs, D. Huber, G. Place, A. SmithSARE On-Farm Research/Partnership Project (Project No.OS08-042)$14,917 2008-2009
Traits of interest for improving weed suppressive ability in soybean during the critical period for weed competitionG.T. Place, S.C. Reberg-HortonSouthern Region SARE Graduate Student Grant (Project No.GS08-073)$9,972 2008-2009
Weed management tactics for no-till organic soybean productionS.C. Reberg-Horton, G.T. Place, A. MeijerN.C. Soybean Producers Association Inc.$9,963 2008-2009
Potential of grafting to improve nutrient management of heirloom tomatoes on organic farmsS. O'Connell, M. Peet, F.J. Louws, C. Rivard, K. Dawson, S. Hartmann, A. HittSouthern Region SARE Graduate Student Grant (Project No.GS07-060)$10,000 2008
Building North Carolina's Local Food EconomyNancy Creamer and Jennifer CurtisAgricultural Advancement Consortium of the NC Rural Center$25,000 2008
From Farm to Fork: Building a Local Food Economy in North CarolinaNancy CreamerGolden Leaf Foundation$117,550 2008
Building a Local Food Economy in North CarolinaNancy Creamer and Jennifer CurtisZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation$50,000 2008
Endowed Chair Program in Community-Based Food SystemsCreamer and Maxwell (for Dean Johnny Wynne)W.K. Kellogg Foundation$1,575,000 2008
Endowment in Sustainable Agriculture, Local and Community Food Systems (to North Carolina A&T State University)John M. O'SullivanW.K. Kellogg Foundation$1,500,000 2008
Public Health Impact of Moving Toward a Sustainable Food System in North Carolina: Informing PolicyPI Ammerman (UNC) with several cooperating partnersGillings Innovation Lab$74,981 2008
Managing Farm Energy Risks in the RMA Raleigh RegionMoore, CreamerRisk Management Agency grant, National Center for Appropriate Technology subcontract$14,000 2008
NC Choices Supplemental GrantCreamer and CurtisW.K. Kellogg Foundation$72,000 2008
Energy Training for Agriculture Professionals in the Southern SARE RegionMoore and CreamerUSDA SARE PDP, subcontract with National Center for Appropriate Technology$17,500 2008
Grafting tomatoes on disease-resistant rootstocks for small-scale organic productionS. O'Connell, M. Peet, F.J. Louws, C. RivardOrganic Farming Research Foundation$11,174 2008
Grafting tomatoes in multi-bay high tunnels as a way to overcome soil-borne diseasesSteve Groff, Cary RivardNortheast Region SARE Farmer/Rancher Project (Project No.FNE08-636)$5,992 2008
A multi-disciplinary approach to improve the environmental performance of niche pork production systems and marketability of heritage swine breedsSang Oh, Dana Hanson, Morgan Morrow, Charles Raczkowski, Todd SeeSouthern Region SARE Research and Education Project (Project No.LS08-211)$175,000 2008
Whole farm-level evaluation of field border vegetation effects on organic management of insect pests and weed seed banks, and on farmland wildlife (See project description)David Orr, Chris Reberg-Horton, Chris Moorman, Yasmin CardozaUSDA-CSREES Integrated Organic Program$347,814 2008
Selecting cover crops for diverse functions: An integrated soil management approach for organic strawberry production in North CarolinaM.S. Schroeder-Moreno, G. Fernandez, N. Creamer, S. Bellamy, J. Iseley, K. Lee, J. Vollmer, D. WechslerSARE Research and Education Project (Project No.LS07-200)$200,000 2007-2010
Combined effects of elevated N deposition and elevated carbon dioxide on mycorrhizal mediation of N acquisition and cycling by vegetationM.S. Schroeder, S. Hu, T. RuftyEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA)$30,234 2007-2009
Cover crop mulches for no-till organic onion production (See project description)PI Emily VollmerNC Beautiful, Governor & Mrs. Dan K. Moore Fellowship$10,000 2007-2008
Organic no-till vegetable production systems in summer cover cropsNCSU Agriculture Foundation Graduate Assistantship Award$34,000 2007-2008
Cover crop mulches for no-till organic onion production (See project description)PIs Emily Vollmer, Nancy CreamerSouthern Region SARE Graduate Student Grant$10,000 2007
The Independent Small Animal Meat Processors Association of Western North CarolinaPI Smithson Mills (Creamer and Curtis as cooperators)Planning grant from the Value Added Producers Grant Program$20,000 2007
A multi-disciplinary approach to improve the environmental performance of niche pork production systems and marketability of heritage swine breeds (See project description)Sang Hyon Oh, Dana Hanson, Morgan Morrow, Charles W. Raczkowski, Todd See, Ronaldo VibartSARE R&E$219,336 2007
Center for Environmental Farming Systems Seasons of Sustainable Agriculture Education and Outreach SeriesNancy Creamer, Lisa ForehandW.K. Kellogg Foundation$10,000 2007
Demonstrating and supporting adoption of innovative conservation practices on outdoor hog production systems in North Carolina (See project description)Morgan Morrow, Nancy Creamer, Jennifer CurtisUSDA NRCS, Conservation Innovation Grant$929,900 2007
Developing a model community-based food system in Wayne County, North CarolinaNancy Creamer, Sarah Ash, Alice Ammerman, Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Steve MooreNCSU Extension and Engagement$10,000 2007
Conducting a statewide assessment for the economic and job creation potentials of developing a local food economyCreamer and CurtisNCSU Economic Development Partnership$17,000 2007
Developing an organic grain industry in North CarolinaS.C. Reberg-Horton, R.W. Heiniger, C.R. Crozier, A. Meijer, T. Kleese, L. Elworth, M.N. HamiltonGolden Leaf Foundation$100,000 2007
Grafting to improve organic vegetable production in field and high tunnel systemsKleinheinz et al (Louws/Peet)USDA ̐ Organic$849,072 2007
Increasing the grain supply for organic dairies in North CarolinaS.C. Reberg-Horton, M.N. HamiltonOrganic Valley$35,502 2007
Kellogg Action Lab for resources and access to consulting services to facilitate organizational developmentNancy Creamer$7002007
National Farm to School Network Program EvaluationNancy Creamer, consulting role (Submitting agency: UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention)$3,000 2007
Organic dairy training conferences and educational materials for professionals (See project description)Steven Washburn, Geoffrey Benson, Sue Ellen Johnson, Kevin Anderson, Mark AlleySARE-PDP$45,740 2007
Promoting on-farm energy efficiency. Subcontract to National Center for Appropriate Technology for a USDA Risk Management Agency grantSteve Moore$8,000 2007
Push-pull fly management for deep bedded swine barns (See project description)Wes Watson, Morgan Morrow, Michael RoeSouthern IPM, CSREES$97,000 2007
Wayne County local food initiative (See project description)Tonya Moore, Nancy Creamer, Danielle BaptisteSouthern Region Sustainable Agriculture Working Group2007
An interdisciplinary team approach to building international collaboration in organic agricultureJ.P. Mueller, J-M. Luginbuhl, S.G. Bullen, N. Creamer, S. Kathariou, M.S. SchroederUSDA CSREES Science and Education Resources Development (SERD) Grant$100,000 2006-2011
Agroforestry and grazing lands conservation demonstrationJ.P. Mueller, J-M. Luginbuhl, F. CubbageUSDA Natural Resources Conservation Service$102,000 2006-2010
Pasture Pork 101: Comprehensive agent training in pasture-based hog productionTodd See, Susan Mellage, Sarah MorganSouthern Region SARE Professional Development Program (Project No.ES06-083)$62,500 2006-2008
Opportunities for pasture-raised Jersey beef in the Southeast (See project description)S.P. Washburn, M. Day, D. Hanson, V. Fellner, J. Peterson, M. PooreUSDA Southern Region SARE Program ̐ On-Farm Research$14,952 2006-2008
Developing an Organic Grain Industry in North CarolinaS.C. Reberg-Horton, R.W. Heiniger, C.R. Crozier, P.R. Weisz, A. Meijer, M.G. Burton, M.N. HamiltonOffice of Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development, N.C. State University$9,615 2006
Developing an organic grain industry in North CarolinaS.C. Reberg-Horton, R.W. Heiniger, C.R. Crozier, A. Meijer, M.G. Burton, P.R. Weisz, T. Kleese, L. Elworth, M.N. HamiltonGolden LEAF Foundation$150,000 2006
Fostering organic grain production in North CarolinaS.C. Reberg-Horton, C.R. Crozier, M.G. Burton, R.W. Heiniger, P.R. Weisz, J.P. Murphy, M.N. Hamilton, G.L. AmbroseN.C. Agricultural Foundation$59,256 2006
Grafting rootstocks onto heirloom and locally adapted tomato selections to confer resistance to root-knot nematodes and other soilbourne diseases and to increase nutrient uptake efficiency in an intensive farming system for market gardenersM. Peet, F.J. Louws$193,000 2006
Microarray analysis and functional assays to assess microbial ecology and disease suppression in soils under organic or sustainable management (See project description)Frank Louws, Shuijin Hu, Paul MuellerSARE Research and Education Project (Project No.LS05-173)$250,000 2005-2009
Sustainability indicators as management tools to guide farmers, scientists, policy makers and the general public (See project description)PIs Wossink, Brownie, Mueller, O'SullivanSouthern Region SARE$250,000 2005-2008
Working Together to Strengthen North Carolina's Agricultural FutureLead PI Creamer with co-PIs Monaco, Kleese (Carolina Farm Stewardship Association), Marlow (Rural Advancement Foundation International), Hamrick (NC Farm Bureau)Institute of Conservation Leadership$4,000 2005-2006
Working Together to Strengthen North Carolina's Agricultural FutureLead PI Creamer with co-PIs Monaco, Kleese (Carolina Farm Stewardship Association), Marlow (Rural Advancement Foundation International), Hamrick (NC Farm Bureau)Institute of Conservation Leadership$4,000 2005-2006
Transitioning to an organic pasture-based dairy-beef production system (See project description)S.P. Washburn, E.A. Coite, M.H. Poore, J.T. Green, Jr., D.J. Hanson, M.A. DrakeN.C. Extension IPM Program$13,528 2005-2006
Direct market training for agricultural professionalsS. Gary BullenSouthern Region SARE Professional Development Program$96,757 2005
Inducing disease resistance and increased production in organic heirloom tomato production through graftingC. Rivard, F.J. LouwsSouthern SARE (graduate student competition)$10,000 2005
Proposal to Fund a Grantee Networking GatheringPI CreamerW.K. Kellogg Foundation$17,211 2005
Evaluation of Cover Crops in Conservation Tillage for Organic Production SystemsPI Creamer with graduate student TreadwellSARE$14,608 2005
Reducing off-farm grain inputs on northeast organic dairy farmsS.C. Reberg-Horton, D.P. Marcinkowski, J.M. Halloran, T.S. Griffin, E.R. Gallandt, J.M. Jemison, R. Kersbergen, M.R. Stokes, G.W. Anderson, C.G. Schwab, P.S. EricksonCSREES Integrated Organic Program$827,274 2005
Using cover crops and crop diversity to optimize ecologically-based weed managementW.S. Curran, D.A. Mortensen, M.E. Barbercheck, T.S. Hoover, A.G. Hulting, R.J. Hoover, S.C. Reberg-Horton, E.R. GallandtSARE Program$98,000 2005
SANREM CRSP III. Field Based Systems (Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management -- Cooperative Research Program)Lead NC State PI Mueller with co-PI CreamerUS AID$60,000 2004-2006
Can sorghum sudangrass grown as a summer cover crop for organic no-till vegetable production double as a cash crop for the organic hay market? (See project description)Denise McKinney, Nancy Creamer, Michael WaggerOrganic Farming Research Foundation$6,155 2004
Development of effective on-farm beneficial insect habiat for improved insect pest management (See project description)David Orr, Mike LinkerNCDA PETF$84,645 2004
A Proposal for Collaboration between NC State and HASNA: A Training Initiative at CEFS for Turkish Agriculture ProfessionalsLead PI Mueller with co-PI CreamerHASNA$39,908 2004
N2-fixation and weed competition: breaking the connection between crops and weeds (See project description)PIs Michael Burton, Nancy Creamer, Tom RuftySARE Research and Education Grant: LS04-158$248,000 2004
Partnership with the public: An alternative food systems model for swine in North Carolina (See project description)PIs Nancy Creamer, Michael Schulman, Sarah AshW.K. Kellogg Foundation$600,000 2004
Evaluation of beneficial insect habitat for organic farms (See project description)PI David OrrSARE Research and Education Grant: LS04-1612004
Examining pasture-based dairy systems to optimize profitability, environmental impact, animal health and milk quality (See project description)S.P. Washburn, G.A. Benson, J.A. Bertrand, J.H. Fike, J.T. Green, Jr., G.E. Groover, T.C. Jenkins, K.E. SakerUSDA Southern Region SARE Program$226,903 2003-2006
Evaluation of beneficial insect habitat for organic farms (See project description)Lisa Forehand, David Orr, Mike LinkerSouthern Region SARE Graduate Student Award$10,000 2003
A national model for agroecology instruction (See project description)PIs H. Michael Linker, J. Paul Mueller, Nancy CreamerUSDA Higher Education Challenge Grant$100,000 2003
Farmer research education programS.C. Reberg-Horton, S. SeiterSARE Program$141,471 2003
Natural areas of vegetation and their influence on weed populations in neighboring fields (See project description)Susan Jelinek, J. Paul Mueller, Nancy Creamer, Michael Burton, Cavell BrownieSouthern Region SARE Graduate Student Award$10,000 2003
Reaching out to NC Extension Agents and Farmers via the Research Triangle Park Multi-farm Community Supported Agriculture CSA InitiativeLead PI Nartea, co-PIs Creamer and RanellsSmall Farm Program$8,000 2003
Threshold-based cover cropping strategies for weed managementE.R. Gallandt, S.C. Reberg-Horton, E.B. Mallory, W.S. Curran, D.A. Mortensen, M.E. Barbercheck, R.J. HooverCSREES Northeastern Region IPM$174,989 2003
An efficient nutrient management tool for animal waste (See project description)Keith Baldwin, Noah RanellsAnimal and Poultry Waste Management Center2002
Survey of Organic Grain/Feed Supply in the Southern RegionPI CreamerUSDA Agriculture Marketing Service$20,000 2002
Biological fitness and productivity in range-based systems comparing standard turkey varieties and inudstrial stocks (See project description)Paul Mueller, Jean-Marie Luginbuhl, Matt Poore (Lead: Don Bixby, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy)Southern Region SARE$1,700 2002
Developing an alternative food systems model and implementation plan for swine in North Carolina (See project description)PIs Nancy Creamer, Michael Schulman, Sarah Ash, with approximately 25 additional cooperators representing many departments at NCSU and NCA&TSU, NGOs, government agencies, farmer groups and farmersW.K. Kellogg Foundation$100,000 2002
Herbivore host choice and impact on sevenPhysalis species (See project description)Melanie Bateman, Nicole Benda, Fred GouldNSF Pre-doctoral Fellowship2002
Evaluation of Cover Crops and Conservation Tillage for Conventional and Organic Sweetpotato Production in North CarolinaPI Creamer with co-PI SchultheisNC Agriculture Foundation Annual Assistantship Award$88,135 2001-2005
Using Animal Waste for Horticultural Compost ProductionPI Ranells, Co-PIs Creamer, Baldwin, GreenNC Agriculture Foundation, Annual Assistantship Award$69,836 2001-2004
Developing and Evaluating Vegetable Conservation Tillage Systems at the Center for Environmental Farming SystemsPI CreamerNC Agriculture Foundation, Annual Assistantship Award$68,492 2001-2004
Assessment of flood impacts on agricultural soils (See project description)Paul Mueller, Mary Barbercheck, Melissa Bell, Cavell Brownie, Michael Casteel, Nancy Creamer, Shuijin Hu, H. Mike Linker, Frank Louws, Michael WaggerN.C. Agriculture Foundation$147,000 2001
Breeding a better cover crop: A screen of rye germplasm for weed suppression and nitrogen scavenging (See project description)Chris Reberg-Horton, Nancy Creamer, Noah RanellsSouthern Region SARE Graduate Student Award$10,000 2001
Integrated management of pasture flies for beef and dairy cattle in North Carolina (See project description)Wes Watson, Mike Stringham, Matt Poore, Jim Green, Steve WashburnUSDA, CSREES, Integrated Pest Management Grants Program, Southern Region$95,014 2001
Revitalizing farms and communities through high value organic production: Demonstration, education, and marketing (See project description)Nancy Creamer, Noah Ranells, Theresa NarteaGolden LEAF Foundation, Inc.$204,000 2001
Long-term, large-scale systems research directed at agricultural sustainability (See project description)Paul Mueller, Nancy Creamer, Mike Linker, Frank Louws, Mary Barbercheck, Cavell Brownie, Michael Wagger, Michele Marra, Shuijin Hu, Charles Raczkowski, Joan RistainoSARE$230,000 2001
Diversity and activities of soil microflora and mesofauna: Influence on soilborne pathogenic fungi (See project description)Shuiji HuUSDA NRI$214,000 2000
Evaluation of cover crops and conservation tillage for conventional and organic sweetpotato production in North Carolina (See project description)Danielle Treadwell, Nancy CreamerSouthern Region SARE Graduate Student Award$9,927 2000
Impact of agricultural systems on soil quality ans sustainability (See project description)PIs Mary Barbercheck, Frank Louws, Steve Koenning, Michael Wagger, Charles RaczkowskiSouthern Region SARE$191,000 2000
Interactions between predators and insect-parasitic nematodes in soil (See project description)Marie Newman, Mary BarbercheckSARE Graduate Student Award$10,000 2000
Training in alternative research strategies for sustainable farming systems (See project description)Keith Baldwin, Scott Marlow, Noah Ranells, Frank Louws, Nancy CreamerSARE PDP$101,700 2000
Revitalizing small and mid-sized farms: Organic research, education, and extension (See project description)Frank Louws, Nancy Creamer, Mike Linker, Mary Barbercheck, Shuijin Hu, Ada Wossink, Steve Koenning, Micheal Wagger, Cavell Brownie (with Ohio State University, Iowa State University, Tufts University, Organic Farming Research Foundation)USDA IFAFS$1,800,000 2000
Impact of Cover Crop and Nitrogen Rate on Weedsco-PIs Wagger, Monks, Baldwin, and O'FarrellExtension IPM grant (research-based)$7,207 2000
Developing Web Resources for Sustainable AgricultureLead PI Creamer and cooperator KleeseUniversity Extension Grant (Cooperative project with Carolina Farm Stewardship Association)$15,000 2000
Development of a Method for Estimating Potato Yield Losses Associated with Improper Seedpiece Placement and Seedpiece Decay DiseaseLead PI Cubeta with co-PI CreamerNC Agriculture Foundation Assistantship Award$38,194 1999-2001
Developing an intensive summer internship program in sustainable agricultural systems (See project description)Nancy Creamer, Keith Baldwin, Mike Linker, Paul MuellerZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation amd USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant$96,605 1999
Strategies for transition to organic farming systems (See project description)PIs Nancy Creamer, Paul Mueller, Michael Wagger, Michele Marra, David Monks, Mary Barbercheck, Frank Louws, Cavell Brownie, Ada Wossink, Steve KoenningUSDA-NRI Agriculture Systems$380,000 1999
Reducing Chemical Use through the use of Cover Crops in no-till Vegetable Production SystemsPI CreamerNC Agriculture Foundation$3,450 1999
Enhancing Weed Suppression by Cover Crops in No-Till Vegetable Production SystemsPI CreamerAgriculture Foundation Annual Assistantship Award$45,381 1998-2000
A model for long-term, large-scale systems research directed toward agricultural sustainability (See project description)

PIs Paul Mueller, Nancy Creamer, Mike Linker, Frank Louws, Michael Wagger, George Wilson, Cavell Brownie. Cooperators: Mary Barbercheck, Carlyle Franklin, Charles Rzkowski, Larry King, Michele Marra, Ada Wossink, Matt Poore, Steve WashburnSARE$256,604 1998
Meeting the Information Needs for Farm Communities in TransitionLead PI Creamer with co-PIs Louws and BaldwinZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation$7,600 1998
Use of a constructed wetlands to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from pumped shallow groundwater (See project description)PIs R.O. Evans, D. OsmondClean Water Management Trust Fund1998
Building capacity in sustainable agriculture: A comprehensive training program in organic farming systems for cooperative extension agents, specialists, and other educators (See project description)PIs Nancy Creamer, Frank Louws, George Wilson, with 26 faculty from NCSU and NCA&TSU participating in the trainingSARE PDP$97,500 1997
Effect of predators on entomopathogenic nematodes (See project description)PI Mary BarbercheckUSDA NRI$78,569 1997
Grazing management training to enhance the sustainability of pasture based beef production systems (See project description)PIs Jim Green, Matt PooreSARE Professional Development Program$31,759 1997
Implementation, evaluation, and demonstration of riparian buffer and controlled drainage BMPs to reduce the impacts of animal production on water quality in the Neuse River Basin (See project description)

PIs Robert Evans, Wendell Gilliam, Greg Jennings, Steve Washburn, Jim Green, Matt PooreEPA 319(h) funding through NCDWQ$194,763 1997
Meeting the Information Needs for Farm Communities in TransitionLead PI Creamer with co-PIs Louws and BaldwinZ. Smith Reynolds Foundation$27,500 1997
Interactions between native and introduced entomopathogenic nematodes (See project description)PI Mary BarbercheckUSDA NRI$116,283 1997
Woodlot forestry research and development program level spreaders on conservation tillage unit (See project description)PIs Carlyle Franklin, Dennis HazelUS EPA, 319$83,000 1997
Addressing Potato Stand Establishment Problems in NE North CarolinaLead PI Creamer, co-PIs Cubeta, CrozierNC Agriculture Foundation Grant$3,275 1997
No-till Broccoli: Impact of Cover Crop and Nitrogen Rate on IPM and other Crop Production FactorsCreamer PI with Wagger, Monks, Baldwin, and O'FarrellExtension IPM grant (research-based)$6,749 1997
Establishment of a Weather Based Advisory System for Predicting Potato Late Blight in Eastern North CarolinaLead PI Cubeta, project cooperator with several ag agents in eastern NCNC Cooperative Extension Service Equipment Enhancement Funds$12,500 1997
Using Cover Crops to Enhance IPM in Vegetable Production SystemsLead PI Creamer with Rayburn, Campbell, and HainesExtension IPM$5,760 1996
Evaluating Potato Stand Establishment Problems in NE North CarolinaPI CreamerNC Agriculture Foundation$3,066 1996
An Evaluation of Summer Cover Crops as Weed Suppressive MulchesPI CreamerOrganic Farming Research Foundation$4,688 1995
Potato Health Management in North CarolinaLead PI Cubeta with co-PI CreamerFaculty Outreach and Professional Development Grants Program$5,000 1995