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The CDFA Food Systems Finance Webinar Series is a free, exclusive online series connecting businesses and projects within the food system to development finance tools, such as bonds, tax increment finance, tax credits, revolving loan funds, and more, to create equitable local and regional food systems. This series will showcase how development finance agencies from across the country are investing in local food systems. Development finance agencies will present case studies of projects – from farmers’ markets, food processors, farmers, restaurants, food hubs, and more – explaining how the financing tool works and why that financing tool was chosen for each project. Each installment of this series will explore how the development finance toolbox can be used to generate investment for different focus areas, such as disaster relief, neighborhood redevelopment, entrepreneurs, and more.

Disaster Recovery for the Food System

Disasters of all kinds induce stress on small businesses and nonprofits throughout the food system. Farmers, food hubs, restaurants, food processors, grocers, and others throughout the supply chain can be immensely impacted. In today’s global medical crisis with COVID-19, institutions and restaurants are shutting their doors for an uncertain amount of time, disrupting supply chains and causing financial anxiety; yet others continue vigorously working to produce necessary food products and providing services to keep our system healthy. During the first installment of the CDFA Food Systems Finance Webinar Series, we will explore creative financing efforts being launched to support our local food economies during this time of unprecedented crisis.

  • Allison Rowland, Coordinator, Research & Technical Assistance, Council of Development Finance Agencies
  • Jen Faigel, Executive Director, CommonWealth Kitchen
  • Jonathan Kennedy, Director – Transportation, Logistics & Infrastructure, New Jersey Economic Development Authority
  • Johanna Nelson, Strategic Program Development, New Mexico Economic Development Department
  • Toby Rittner, President & CEO, Council of Development Finance Agencies
  • Dafina Williams, Vice President, Public Policy, Opportunity Finance Network