Mallaidh Mleziva shares her work & reflects on her EMFS Apprenticeship at Sustainabillies


EMFS Apprentice Mallaidh Mleziva

Mallaidh Mleziva is a 2020 graduate from Western Carolina University and one of the EMFS Summer Apprentices.

Christina Newhouse, the Apprenticeship Program Manager for EMFS, has been collaborating with Western Carolina University (WCU) Professors Heidi Dent, DBA, MBA and Barbara Jo White, PhD to enhance the EMFS Apprenticeship Program. This summer’s apprentices have benefited local farms and small businesses in a big way. Christina explains, “essentially we’ve created a virtual marketing firm to address the needs of our Mentors by expanding their digital marketing platforms.” Which is exactly what Mallaidh Mleziva, a recent graduate of Western Carolina University and one of the first EMFS Apprentices, was hoping to gain from this experience.

Mallaidh graduated from WCU with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, and her personal learning objective was to explore and embrace website design. Placing Mallaidh with Sustainabillies in Canton for her apprenticeship was a perfect fit. Sustainabillies, a small organic farm and educational homestead, was hoping to work with a student apprentice who could revamp the team’s marketing platforms. Mallaidh says, “my favorite things have been creating the farm’s YouTube channel, designing thumbnails, sketching the design for a new website, and crafting newsletter templates.”

And Mallaidh did just that! Check out her work on The Sustainabillies YouTube Channel , as well as The New Sustainabillies Website!


When asked about the financial value of services provided by the apprentices for local farmers and businesses, WCU Professor Heidi Dent notes the diversity of skills the apprentices offer. These students can aid in website customization, social media audits, content calendar creation, brand guide development, and general consulting. These services combined would cost a small business anywhere from $35,000 to $75,000!


So, whether you are a student looking to apprentice or a business looking to host, we know you will benefit from this program!


Foraging Chickweed Youtube Video

Check out Sarah Martin of Sustainabillies teaching viewers how to forage chickweed on her YouTube Channel – a marketing design project made possible by EMFS apprentice Mallaidh Mleziva

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